Work Health Safety at the School of Physics

The School is committed to providing a safe environment for all staff, students, affiliates and visitors. An overview of the School's Work Health Safety structure is shown below.

School Safety Committee
Members: Head of School, Chair of Safety Committee, School Safety Officers, Other School representatives
Responsibilities: Analyse current and potential WHS issues, providing recommendations to the HoS to ensure a co-ordinated approach to WHS.

Emergency Control Organisation
Members: Head of School, Chief Wardens, Floor Wardens, First Aid officers
Responsibilities: Respond to emergencies. Apply first aid.

School WHS Personnel
Members: All Managers, WHS delegates
Responsibilities: Conduct local risk management activities. Develop and maintain induction and training documentation.

Staff, Students & Affiliates
Members: All people visiting or conducting business on behalf of the School
Responsibilities: Participate in risk management activities, training and inductions, report incidents and other duties as specified in the University’s WHS policy.

Report a Hazard, Incident of Injury