Research Students

Thahabah Alharthi PhD candidate   Research project:  Assessment of linear accelerator delivery undertainties associated with a novel MRI linac system
Jeffrey Barber PhD candidate   Research project:  Optimising the use of image guidance information
Jason Cheng PhD candidate   Research project:  Developing a plastic scintillator fibre array for megavoltage imaging and therapy
Gwi-ae Cho PhD candidate   Research project:  Tumor response modelling using biological imaging data
Jacek Chojnowski PhD candidate   Research project:  Novel methods for performance assessment of medical linear accelarators for advanced radiotherapy techniques
Robert Finnegan PhD candidate   Research project:  Deformable Image Registration for Multi-Modality Image-Based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning and Verification
Emily Flower PhD candidate   Research project:  Implementing Advanced Imaging including deformable image registration for image guide adaptive radiation therapy
Richard Maschmeyer PhD candidate   Research project:  A novel radio-nanomedicine platform for hybrid PET-MRI
Alison Salkeld PhD candidate   Research project:  Optimising the treatment of brain metastases
Tarafder Shameem PhD candidate   Research project:  The problem and solution of Radiochromic film analysis process
Tony Young PhD candidate   Research project: MRI in Radiotherapy
Yu Feng Wang PhD candidate   Research project:  Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography for the prediction of radiation therapy treatment outcome in prostate cancer
Laura Adamson Master of Philosophy (Science) candidate   Research project:  Root cause analysis of near misses in Radiation Therapy: When is education and/or process change needed?

Coursework Students

2018 Master of Medical Physics candidates

Sadia Aftab  
Takanori Hioki  
John Holik  
Monika Mikhail  
Marie Vozzo  

2018 Master of Medical Physics Research Project candidates

Renee Buxton Project title:
Izabela Domanski Project title:  Evaluation of optically stimulated luminescent dosimeters fading effects and uncertainties for clinical radiotherapy applications
Oliver Fuller  Project title:
Te-An Huang Project title:
Parise Lim Project title:
Harry Marquis Project title:
M D Shariiful Islam Project title:
Kehuan Shi Project title:

2017 Graduate Diploma of Medical Physics candidates

Jacqueline Depangher