Medical Physics Research Seminars

All seminars are held in Lecture Theatre 2, School of Physics, Bldg. A28, The University of Sydney, at 5.00 pm, unless otherwise indicated.

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2018 career seminars: Semester 1, 2018

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Master of Medical Physics 2018 Student Research Project Presentations

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Previous seminars

  • Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 5.15pm
    Radiation Oncology: men to mice to men
    Dr Kelly McKelvey
  • Monday 27 February 2017 at 5.30 pm
    Professor Mark J Rivard PhD, DABMP, FAAPM
    Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.
    Technological and research advancements for clinical brachytherapy physics
  • Tuesday 15 March 2016
    Dr Ianik Plante
    NASA Johnson Space Centre and Wyle Science Technology and Engineering, Houston, Texas, USA
    A multi-scale approach to the effects of ionising radiations