Medical Physics Career and Research Seminars

All seminars are held in Lecture Theatre 2, School of Physics, Bldg. A28, The University of Sydney, at 5.00 pm, unless otherwise indicated.

To be advised


  • 7 August at 5:30pm
    Prof Paul Keall
  • 15 May at 5:15pm
    "Opus Medical - A Medical Physics Startup"
    Dr Sean Pollock
  • 26 April at 5:30pm
    "Medical Physics: The Science that Saves Lives"
    A/Prof Natalka Suchowerska
  • 17 April at 5:30pm
    "Tails from the exciting life on the audit trail - The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service as part of a Medical Physicist's career path"
    A/Prof Joerg Lehmann
  • 3 April at 5:30pm
    "Image Guided Cancer Therapy: Accelerating Translational Research through Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations"
    Prof Kristy Brock

Master of Medical Physics 2018 Student Research Project Presentations

  • Semester 1
    Friday 1st June 2018 at 11am - 5:00pm
    Lecture Theatre 2, Physics Building (A28)
  • Semester 2

Previous seminars

  • Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 5.15pm
    Radiation Oncology: men to mice to men
    Dr Kelly McKelvey
  • Monday 27 February 2017 at 5.30 pm
    Professor Mark J Rivard PhD, DABMP, FAAPM
    Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.
    Technological and research advancements for clinical brachytherapy physics
  • Tuesday 15 March 2016
    Dr Ianik Plante
    NASA Johnson Space Centre and Wyle Science Technology and Engineering, Houston, Texas, USA
    A multi-scale approach to the effects of ionising radiations