Information for Students

Studying Astrophotonics at the University of Sydney

Astrophotonics is an exciting and rapidly developing field with enormous opportunities for research and learning. The School of Physics is at the forefront of many of the major development in this area. It is the perfect place to pursue astrophotonics.

There are opportunities for interested students at all levels of study to join the astrophotonics group and work on cutting edge research. No matter what your skill set – experimental, theoretical or computational – come and talk to us about projects. Our group regularly offers suggested projects through the TSP, Senior special projects and the Honours program, and these can be tailored to reflect your abilities and interests. We also offer Summer Scholarships to students who apply through the School of Physics; this program allows you to work on a project for 6 weeks over the November-February break for a regular stipend.

Any student who is interested in current developments, or just wants to know what research is like, is encouraged to get involved as early as possible in their degree.

For Postgraduate Students

Any student considering Postgraduate Research in the physics department should consider astrophotonics - either for a PhD or a Masters degree.

Of particular interest to students interested in astrophotonics are postgraduate awards in photonics and optical science

For Undergraduate Students

While research in astrophotonics is largely the domain of postgraduate work, there are several possible areas open to undergraduates who wish to work on astrophotonics or related topics.

The Talented Student Program (TSP) is offered by the Dean of Science to highly achieving students. This program extends the physics course, offering seminars, course work, and research opportunities.

Senior Physics projects roughly equate to four hours per week, and are spent conducting experimental work or working on a theoretical project within a research group, overseen by a supervisor.

Honours in Physics is obtained by completing a fourth year of undergraduate studies, involving coursework and a research project.

International Students

International students should look at the information provided of special relevance to you.

If you are interested in working with us, read the information for future students in the School of Physics and the University's Study at Sydney pages.