Astronomy and astrophysics coursework

If you want to study astrophysics at the undergraduate level, you would normally enrol in the Bachelor of Science degree or its Advanced equivalent and major in Physics.

You can study astronomy and astrophysics in the following Units of Study

Students with good results are encouraged to continue into the fourth year Honours Physics program. During that year you will have the opportunity to take specialised courses and undertake research in one of SIfA research groups.

Undergraduate research opportunities

We encourage undergraduate students to get involved with research, and there are a number of ways you can do this throughout your degree. Have a look at the student profiles on the right to find out more about the type of projects you can work on.

Senior Physics Projects

Senior Physics projects are the equivalent of 4 hours per week that is spent in a research group in the School of Physics. You will gain first hand experience with research by working on a research experiment or theoretical project supervised by a researcher. The Advanced unit is at a more challenging level.

Talented Student Program

The Talented Student Program (TSP) is offered to high achieving students by invitation of the Dean of Science. Special project work in the July semester introduces students directly to research activities in the School, aiming to provide an insight into how physicists think and how a real research project is tackled.

Summer Vacation Scholarships

Summer scholarships are offered to currently-enrolled students of the University of Sydney or other universities, who are performing at a high academic standard, to enable them to participate in research in groups within the School of Physics for a 6 week period over the November/December/January period.