Training internships are available on a competitive basis for post-graduate students completing postgraduate studies in the area of clinical psychology and specialising in the area of child and family mental health.

The Child Behaviour Research Clinic is a dynamic and innovative working environment that specialises in the assessment and treatment of children aged 3 to 16 years. Our team is made up of experts in the field of child and family mental health. The objective of this research based clinic is to advance our understanding of childhood conduct problems and develop evidenced based strategies that can be fed back into the community. We are currently offering internships (minimum of 2 days per week for 18 weeks) to students undertaking post-graduate study in Clinical Psychology, under the supervision of senior clinical psychologists.

Who do we treat at the clinic?

Children, and their parents, present to the clinic with a range of behavioural and/or emotional difficulties. These include conduct problems (defiance, cruelty to others, argumentativeness) and emotional difficulties (poor emotional regulation, anxiety and low mood). Our primary focus is on the delivery of non-medication based strategies to parents within a cognitive behavioural and family systems framework.

What does the Internship involve?

The Internship involves working within a clinical research team, whereby students will be exposed to the inner working model of linking research to clinical practice. The main aspects of the internship include: conducting clinical interviews with families, diagnostic assessments (including parent and teacher behaviour ratings, child self report questionnaires, computer tasks, family observations); and implementing individualised and group therapy for parents and children. Students will also have the opportunity to conduct neuropsychological assessments. Students will be expected to attend individual supervision, case presentations and perform general administrative tasks (e.g. conducting intakes and screening).

I’m interested, who do I contact?

For more information in relation to current internships on offer please contact either:

Prof. Mark Dadds (Director):
Dr. Meryn Lechowicz (Clinic Manager):