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Master of Clinical Psychology Research Project Requirements

A topic of a research project should be of relevance to clinical psychology. The project can, but does not have to be conducted with clinical population.

Students’ roles The research project can be an individual or a group project, with each student expected to participate in all steps of the project, “…including:
- review of the relevant scientific literature;
- the formulation of a research question or questions (or in the case of a literature review and a paper for publication, explication of a model or theoretical proposition);
- the design of an appropriate rigorous scientific method for investigating the question;
- the collection and analysis of data; and
- the interpretation of finds and the preparation of a report.”

Type of project “The research project must take the form of one or more of the following:
- a program evaluation student;
- a study based on experimental single case design;
- a critical review, pilot study and full grant application;
- a critical review and a meta analysis;
- a critical review and secondary data analysis;
- a traditional empirical research project; or”
- a literature review and an empirical article suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed international scientific journal”

Supervision At least one supervisor must be
- an academic from the School of Psychology the University of Sydney
- hold a PhD

Length The total length of the project report must be no less than 5000 words.

Source Australian Psychology Accreditation Council – Accreditation Standards Ver10 June 2010