School of Psychology Scholarships & Awards

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While completing an application to enrol in a research degree, students are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships. These links will provide you with useful information about such funding opportunities and deadlines. Please look carefully at the menus available on each of these pages to further explore the options:
Scholarships for Domestic Students
Scholarships for International Students

School Specific Scholarships

The School of Psychology has internal scholarships, which are offered from time to time with special conditions. Other scholarships, particularly those linked to research grants become available from time to time. Information about when they are offered and applying is announced on the School’s website news section. A call for applications for these scholarships will be circulated among current students upon availability.

The Campbell Perry International Travel Scholarship

The scholarship was created in 2006 with a gift from Mrs Jean Swirles, the mother of Campbell Perry who was awarded his undergraduate and PhD degrees here in 1960 and 1966, respectively, but completed his career as Distinguished Emeritus Professor at Concordia University. The gift provided the basis for an ongoing set of scholarships, in perpetuity, to honour Professor Perry's memory. These Campbell Perry International Research Scholarships provide up to $6,000 for a (normally) 2nd year PhD student, supported by an APA or equivalent, to spend between 2 and 8 weeks visiting international scholars relevant to their research project. Normally, one Scholarship will be awarded each year.

The Lucy Firth Scholarship

The Lucy Firth Sydney University Postgraduate Scholarship is tenable for postgraduate study in the School of Psychology. Candidates must have completed four years undergraduate training, or three years undergraduate followed by a year of graduate training, and must in the last year of his or her course have obtained a degree with First Class Honours or Honours Class II Division 1, provided that the marks achieved are in the higher range of Division 1, or hold an equivalent qualification, and be enrolled for a full-time PhD in Psychology at The University of Sydney. The scholarship currently has a value of $14,690 per annum with the opportunity to be involved in teaching undergraduates and thus obtaining added income. The scholarship is available for up to three years with the possibility of an extension up to 6 months in special circumstances. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. Only one of these scholarships is available to be filled. This scholarship was established in 1997 from the Estate of Ms Lucy Firth, a graduate and later research assistant in the school.

The Margaret Stewart Fund Scholarship

The Margaret Stewart Fund Scholarship is tenable for postgraduate study supervised within the School of Psychology of the University of Sydney. The object of the scholarship is to promote and encourage postgraduate research into relationships between ethics and behaviour. The scholarship is open to suitably qualified graduates in Psychology of the University of Sydney or any other university, whose postgraduate research falls within the stated objectives. The Scholarship has the value of the current University Postgraduate Research Award stipend, and is tenable for one year, extendable to 2 years subject to satisfactory progress, and subject to further extension in the case of a PhD candidate. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. This scholarship was established in 1988 from a bequest by George Stewart, to support students undertaking research into the relationships between ethics and behaviour. Its current value is $26,200 per annum. This scholarship is not available every year.

The Winifred O'Neil Sydney University Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship provides $2,500 per annum based on meritorious performance in Undergraduate Psychology. Preference is given to students who are visually impaired or, if there is no visually impaired applicant, to students with other disability. There is the possibility of the Scholarship being awarded to a suitable candidate without disability in the absence of suitable visually impaired or disabled applicants.

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) is a scheme that is available to all HDR students

The Research Training Scheme (RTS) provides eligible Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students with an entitlement to be exempt from paying a student contribution or a tuition fee for the duration of an accredited HDR course, up to a maximum of four years full-time equivalent study for a doctorate by research (including a professional doctorate which meets the research program criteria), and two years’ full-time equivalent study for a masters by research. The RTS replaces the Research Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) Exemptions Scheme.

School of Psychology Awards

PG Publication Prize

The School also offers annual Publication Prizes, awarded to the postgraduate student(s) with the most successful publication history in the previous year.

PG Conference Presentation Prize

The Postgraduate Students host a day-long annual Postgraduate Conference (sometimes jointly with students from Schools of Psychology at other Sydney metropolitan universities) where you are encouraged to present your research. Prizes for are awarded for best presentations

The H. Tasman Lovell Memorial Medallion

Henry Tasman Lovell was the first Professor of Psychology in the Department (from 1929) and in Australia. A bronze medallion is presented annually to the student awarded the best Ph.D. thesis in Psychology, providing that it is judged to be of sufficient merit. More than one medallion may be awarded.