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Prizes & Scholarships

A number of prizes and scholarships funded by the School, as well as by industry, alumni and commemorations are offered to psychology students.

School of Psychology Prizes

The School recognises outstanding academic achievement by awarding prizes to the best performing students in each undergraduate unit of study.

The School also encourages the development of its postgraduate research students by awarding publication prizes and prizes for outstanding presentations at the Annual Postgraduate Conference.

Industry, Alumni and Commemorative Prizes and Scholarships

 The Best Student in Junior Psychology Lithgow Scholarship V
 The Best Student in Intermediate Psychology Lithgow Scholarship VI
  Frank Albert Prize
The Best Student in Senior Psychology Lithgow Scholarship VII

The Best Student in Senior Psychology in a Faculty of Arts Degree

Blanka Buring Prize

The Best Honours Empirical Thesis in the area of Social Psychology

Dick Thomson Prize

The Best Honours Emprical Thesis in the area of Learning and Motivation

Dick Champion Prize
The Best Honours Theoretical Thesis O'Neil Prize
The Best Student in the Honours Year The Australian Psychological Society Prize

The Best Student in Year 1 of the Master of Clinical Psychology

 A H Martin Prize

The Best Student in Year 2 of the Master of Clinical Psychology

Martin & Elizabeth Jane Simmat Prize No. 2

The Best Student in Year 3 of the Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Martin & Elizabeth Jane Simmat Prize No. 1
The Best Doctor of Philosophy Thesis The H Tasman Lovell Medallion

Summer Research Scholarship 2016

This is an opportunity for students in the 2nd or 3rd year of their undergraduate degree to gain research experience and an insight into research process while working alongside our leading scientific researchers.

Research projects are available in most different disciplines of the Division of Natural Sciences for a duration of between 4-6 weeks over the Summer holiday period (November-February). Please see all the projects listed at

The applications are open to both current University of Sydney students as well as students from other Australian Universities. The scholarship is valued at $506 (in accordance with APA rate) per week for the duration of the project. Students living outside of metropolitan Sydney may also be eligible for an additional scholarship - valued at $250 per week for the duration of the Summer Scholarship project - to assist with travel and relocation costs.

Terms and Conditions – who can apply

  1. Applicants will be required to submit an application form that can be downloaded from the Schools website
  2. Applicants must be enrolled on a full time basis and and have completed Intermediate Psychology and or Neuroscience units (PSYC, NEUR) and intend to undertake Senior Psychology and or Neuroscience units. Students from other universities in Australia and New Zealand must have completed at least two years of a full time program and be interested in honours or higher degree research.
  3. Applicants must be performing at credit level (AAM 65) or above to be considered for the scholarships. The scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit.
  4. Applicants can only receive one Summer Scholarship per year.
  5. Students are to provide a brief summary of their experience to the School issuing their scholarship within one month of completing their project. This may be used with the recipient’s permission on the Faculty’s website to encourage other students who might be considering doing a Summer Research Scholarship.
  6. After completion of the project, a student completes a short summary. If permitted, this may be used for future Student Profiles of the SRS recipients.

2016-2017 Summer Research Scholarship Project at the School of Psychology

The effects of diet on decision making

Supervisor: Dr. Laura Corbit, School of Psychology
In 2011–12 almost two thirds of Australian adults were overweight. Excess consumption of sugar and fat contribute to the problem. But the biggest question remains: why do attempts to lose weight so often fail, despite efforts to control consumption? This project will explore the effects of chronic consumption of a high-sugar, high-fat diet on decision-making in our rat model. It will examine the neural and pharmacological mechanisms of the transition from flexible goal-directed decisions to habit-based decisions in which the value of the goal becomes irrelevant. You will learn to perform behavioural tasks in rats and some histological and microscopy skills used to analyze brain-behaviour relationship.

How to Apply

After you read the Tems and Conditions above, please download and read the application form, fill it in and along with a short personal statement and your academic transcript/s email it to the email address on the application form by the closing date - Friday 26 August, 4 pm.


If you have any questions, please contact the School via