Professional Staff Directory

  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • Fax - School of Psychology: +61 2 9351 2603
Key to Building Names and Codes:
BMBrennan MacCallum, A18 LIFLifehouse Building, C39Z
GTGriffith Taylor, A19 BMCThe Brain and Mind Centre, M02F (94 Mallett Street)
SBSouth Badham, A16 CAMCamden Campus
CBRCChild Behaviour Research Clinic, M02K

Name Position Phone Email Office  
Bastian, Yohans Computer Systems Officer 18268 GT472A
Borsato, Elizabeth Clinic Administrator, Healthy Brain Ageing Program 44002 M02G
Brady, Madeleine Education Support Officer 12866 BM325
Braganza, Ms Chantal Clinical Psychologist 44348 BMC226
Ellwood, Sophie Research Administration Officer 75420 BM325
Formica, Elle GTC Intake & Admin Officer 1800 482 482 BMC205
Gooley, Ms Shylaja Clinic Director 44216 BMC227
Gressie, Kimberly Research Affiliate
Guerreiro, Richard Finance Manager 12105 GT488
Handford, Cheryl Lab Manager 10892 BMC623
Harris, Ms Ethel Computer Systems Officer, Web and database Manager 17019 GT472B
Haydar, Layal Clinical Receptionist BMC
Henriques Guimaraes, Flavia Education Support Officer 12866
Holden, Mr John Honorary Associate, ex Head of Technical/Computer Services 13024 GT482
Homewood, Sarah Research Administration Officer 44336 BMC
Horry, Dr David Clinical Neuropsychologist, Test Library 44349 BMC223
Ingram, Ms Belinda Postgraduate Administration 44345 BMC319
Jones, Ms Edwina Executive Officer 76583 BM325
Kafkaris, Jonathan Scientific Computational Officer - Virtual Reality 76775 GT210
Kan, Ms Janice Clinical Psychologist
Keilar, Miss Lex Executive Assistant (HoS) 12865 GT492
Kovacs, Oscar Ph.D, Administrative Officer
Lam, Sylvia HR Officer BM325
Laxton-Blinkhorn, Ms Bonnie Senior Administrative Officer 75343 LIF
Lechowicz, Dr Meryn Project Manager &Senior Clinical Psychologist 74625 GT308
Leung, Mr Philip Facilities and Resources Officer 69190 BM325
Macalister, Kerrie Problem Gambling Psychologist BMC
Masya, Lindy Research Officer, ADAPT Program 8627 1224 LIFLevel 6 North
Mercieca-Bebber, Rebecca Project Officer 41365 LIF
Morris, Ms Jessica School Manager 76692 BM422
Murray, Ms Helen Psychology Clinic Receptionist 44343 BMC206
Ning, Ms Julia Administrative Officer, Lambert Initiative 74645 BMC600
Petkovski, Mr Nenad Computer Systems Officer, Deputy Manager of Computer Services,Chief Warden 15695 GT472C
Shannon, Ms Kirsten Ph.D, Manager and Senior Clinician 44362 BMC233
Shujau, Dr Muawiyath Technical Officer 14646 GT472C
Tait, Margaret-Ann Research Administrative Officer 71558 LIF642
Thai, Christina Clinical Psychologist CBRC104
Vaccaro, Dr Lisa Research Associate 13877 BM
Wang, Xinxue Faye Finance Officer 74175 GT488
Webb, Cat Education Support Officer 74736 BM325