Research Staff Directory

  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • Fax - School of Psychology: +61 2 9351 2603
Key to Building Names and Codes:
BMBrennan MacCallum, A18 LIFLifehouse Building, C39Z
GTGriffith Taylor, A19 BMCThe Brain and Mind Centre, M02F
SBSouth Badham, A16 CAMCamden Campus
CBRCChild Behaviour Research Clinic, M02K

Name Position Phone Email Office  
Ager, Brittany Research Assistant, PoCoG,MSc 13908 BMC306
Allsop, Associate Professor David Associate Professor 17665 SB242
Anjoul, Dr Fadi Deputy Director & Senior Clinician 44364 BMC234
Arkell, Thomas Research Associate 13433 SB
Baracz, Dr Sarah NHMRC Postdoctoral Researcher SB243
Bateman, Joel Ph.D, Research Assistant
Baylock, Brandi Research Assistant 41328 LIF
Bhardwaj, Dr Anjali Research Fellow,Clinical Trial Coordinator SB244
Black, Nicola Ph.D, Research Assistant GT310
Bleakley, Janine Problem Gambling Counsellor 69336 MDSI,Campbelltown
Bowen, Dr Michael Lecturer, NHMRC Peter Doherty Biomedical Fellow 13372 SB242
Broderick, Joshua Project Manager & Senior Clinical Psychologist BMC104
Burckhardt, Rowan Problem Gambling Counsellor 44366 BMC239
Burn, Matthew Research Assistant GT306
Chu, Bella Research Assistant GT
Coleshill, Dr Matthew Postdoctoral Research Fellow 74259 BM340
Coll, Dr Joseph Senior Research Fellow, PoCoG
Collins, Daniel Research Assistant GT308
D'Rozario, Dr Angela NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow BMC
Dhillon, Dr Haryana Postdoctoral Research Fellow 65392
Diamond, Dr Keri Clinical Neuropsychologist 10746 BMC
Dilevski, Natali Research Assistant GT
Dudeney, Joanne DCP&Ph.D, Research Assistant 65037 GT466
Easter, Gemma DCP&Ph.D, Research Assistant 65037 GT310
English, Amelia Research Officer, Study Coordinator 44213 CPC207
English, Therese Research Assistant GT
Godwin, Ms Alex Research Assistant 40517 GT500
Goonetilleke, Samanthi Research Assistant SB236
Gott, Chloe Research Assistant 16652 GT302
Handford, Cheryl Lab Manager SB236
Hartmann, Ms Melanie Research Assistant 44372 BMC204
Heiniger, Dr Louise Research Coordinator (CeMPED & PoCoG) 65291 LIF
Heriseanu, Andreea MSc, Research Assistant 67263 BMC317
Hoyos, Dr Camilla NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow
Hunt, Christopher Problem Gambling Counsellor 44367 BMC236
Importante, Gilbert Research Assistant GT
Jackson, Simon Postdoctoral Research Fellow 71502 BM440
Jones, Emma MCP/Ph.D, Research Assistant
Keen, Brittany Research Assistant, Ph.D 44373 BMC204
Kendig, Michael Ph.D GT310
Kuhnert, Rebecca-Lee Ph.D, Research Assistant 13493 GT310
Kwok, Dorothy Research Assistant 66256 GT520
Laidsaar-Powell, Rebekah Research Associate 13924 LIF Level 6
Lampit, Amit NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow 10893 BMC406
Leung, Beatrice Postdoctoral Research Fellow 9114 4030 BMC619
Loh, Dr Vanessa Postdoctoral Research Fellow 40943 BM423
Mairet, Kathleen Clinical Psychologist GT308
Marlow, Phillip Research Associate GT301
Martire, Sarah Postdoctoral Research Fellow GT520
Mather, Marius Research Assistant GT
McCade, Donna Clinical Research Neuropsychologist
McNair, Dr Nicolas Research Associate GT502
Mercieca-Bebber, Rebecca Project Officer 41365 LIF
Merson, Francis Ph.D, Research Assistant BM423
Mills, Llewellyn Ph.D, Research Assistant GT310
Mireskandari, Dr Shab Research Coordinator,CeMPED 12283 LIF
Monds, Dr Lauren Reseach Fellow 9332 8732 BM438
Mowszowski, Dr Loren Research Associate 10757 BMC
Pickering, Dylan Research Assistant, Ph.D 44374 BMC204
Piotrowska, Dr Patrycja Postdoctoral Research Fellow GT304
Prinz, Karoline Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D
Reboredo, Maria Child and Family Psychologist GT306
Richards, Elisha Research Assistant 65334 SB
Roberts, Dr Gareth Postdoctoral Research Fellow 14346 BM340
Roboredo, Maria Child and Family Psychologist 74623 GT306
Roche, Lauren PROMISE-D Therapist/Research Assistant 15952 GT210
Rutherford, Dr Claudia Quality of Life Research Fellow 71583 LIF642
Scherman, Laura Problem Gambling Psychologist 44365 BMC242
Schollar-Root, Olivia MCP, Research Assistant BMC104
Sekelja, Natasha Research Assistant 13877 LIF Level 6
Shaw, Dr Joanne Research Fellow 13761 LIF647
Shepherd, Dr Heather Research Fellow 70828
Shone, Lauren Research Assistant 67268 GT310
Sokolic, Dr Ljiljana Research Associate 13158 SB236
Stuart, Jordyn Research Assistant BM243
Sultan, Sonia Senior Clinical Psychologist BMC103
Suraev, Anastasia Research Associate 14028 SB236
Tan, Kairen Research Assistant GT
Taubert, Jessica Postdoctoral Research Associate 18990 GT528
Terpening, Dr Zoe Postdoctoral Research Fellow 10750 BMC
Thai, Christina Clinical Psychologist BMC104
Tran, Mr Khoa Problem Gambling Counsellor 67341 Lidcombe
Tully, Lucy Senior Project Leader GT308
Veldre, Aaron Postdoctoral Research Fellow 18990 GT528
West, Stacey Research Assistant 44172 BMC