Our Academic Staff

Head of School
Verstraten, Professor Frans Neuroscience, Perception
Alais, Professor David Perception
Anderson, Professor Bart Perception
Andrews, Professor Sally Cognition
Blaszczynski, Professor Alex Clinical
Butow, Professor Phyllis Health
Dadds, Professor Mark Clinical
Harris, Professor Justin Learning, Neuroscience
Hunt, Professor Caroline Clinical, Developmental
King, Professor Madeleine Health
Lagopoulos, Professor Jim
McGregor, Professor Iain Neuroscience
Naismith, Professor Sharon Cognition
Piguet, Professor Olivier
Sharpe, Professor Louise Clinical, Health
Touyz, Professor Stephen Clinical
White, Professor Fiona Developmental, Social
Emeritus Professor
Boakes, Professor Robert Learning, Neuroscience
Curthoys, Professor Ian Neuroscience, Perception
Associate Professor
Abbott, Associate Professor Maree Clinical
Allsop, Associate Professor David Clinical, Health, Neuroscience
Carlson, Associate Professor Thomas Cognition, Neuroscience, Perception
Grant, Associate Professor Anthony Organisational
Hawes, Associate Professor David Clinical
Holcombe, Associate Professor Alex Perception
Irish, Muireann
Juraskova, Associate Professor Ilona Clinical, Health
Kleitman, Associate Professor Sabina Method & Theory, Personality & Intelligence
Lah, Associate Professor Sunny Clinical, Developmental, Neuroscience
Rhodes, Associate Professor Paul Clinical, Method & Theory
Senior Lecturer
Birney, Dr Damian Cognition, Method & Theory, Personality & Intelligence
Bowen, Dr Michael Neuroscience
Burns, Dr Bruce Cognition
Cavanagh, Dr Michael Organisational
Colagiuri, Dr Ben Health, Learning
Corbit, Dr Laura Learning, Neuroscience
Dar-Nimrod, Dr Ilan Health, Social
Dhillon, Dr Haryana
Gainsbury, Dr Sally Clinical
Gonsalkorale, Dr Karen Social
Harris, Dr Irina Cognition, Neuroscience
Hibberd, Dr Fiona Method & Theory
Johnston, Dr Ian Learning, Neuroscience
Livesey, Dr Evan Cognition, Learning
MacCann, Dr Carolyn Personality & Intelligence
MacDougall, Dr Hamish Perception
Owens, Dr Caleb Cognition
Paterson, Dr Helen Clinical, Cognition, Social, Forensic
Szabo, Dr Marianna Clinical, Developmental
Tiliopoulos, Dr Niko Clinical, Personality & Intelligence
Senior Research Fellow
Coll, Dr Joseph
Kumfor, Dr Fiona
Price, Dr Melanie Health
Goldwater, Dr Micah B. Cognition, Developmental
Moul, Dr Caroline Developmental
O'Connor, Dr Sean Organisational
Pinkus, Dr Rebecca Health, Social
Associate Lecturer
van Golde, Dr Celine Cognition, Developmental, Social, Forensic
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Bhardwaj, Dr Anjali
Coleshill, Dr Matthew Health
D'Rozario, Dr Angela
Goddard, Dr Erin
Houwing, Dr Frances Clinical, Developmental
Hoyos, Dr Camilla
Jackson, Dr Simon
Lampit, Dr Amit
Loh, Dr Vanessa
Martire, Sarah
Miguel, Dr Bedoya Perez
Morandini, Dr James
Piotrowska, Dr Patrycja
Roberts, Dr Gareth Cognition, Neuroscience, Personality & Intelligence
Tran, Dr Dominic
Veldre, Aaron
Other Staff
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