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  • Craddock, A.E. (2004). Origins: Family Experiences of Premarital Couples. Sydney, Hillfort Resources. (ISBN 0-646-43558-2)


This research monograph is a study of 520 premarital couples participating in a marriage preparation program in Australia. Cluster analysis indicated that 31% of the couples were experiencing high levels of conflict. The study found that men and women in conflicted premarital relationships, relative to more satisfied premarital couples, were more likely to report their families of origin as being less close, less flexible and as being a source of difficulty for their own current relationship. They were also more likely to have their own problems in regard to couple closeness and couple flexibility, and were personally lower in self-confidence, lower in assertiveness, higher in avoidance and higher in partner dominance. It was also evident that women in conflicted relationships were more likely to report higher frequencies of abuse by a parent, abuse between parents and substance abuse by a parent. These finding have important practical implications for professionals working with conflicted couples in relationship counselling and education programs, and these are explored in the final section of this monograph.