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  • ACER Press has just published Beth A Stone’s The Pictured Feelings Instrument (PFI), based on a validated Nonverbal Vocabulary of 26 Feelings for use with children, adolescents and adults [validated for 5 – 65 year olds] for use in clinical /counselling practice, assessment, education/ training, and research.

    The PFI is a multipurpose nonverbal communication instrument consisting of:

      • The 26 PFI Cards: validated line drawings of facial and body expressions of 26 specific feelings, such as happy, sad, angry, victim, left-out, confused and loving.
      • An 80 page Manual with 7 photocopiable Interview / Answer Forms for 7 purposes, such as: Frequency and Intensity of Feelings; Feeing recognition [E.I.] Relationship work; Body Image work.
      • Normative data; Directions for use; Case Studies and Examples; and On-going Research.

    Each picture was created to be specific as to the feeling expressed but vague as to age, gender or ethnicity so as to cross the boundaries of culture and individual differences.

    The PFI has high validity across English speakers 5-65 years of age. Age differences were found for four pictured feelings. No differences were found for gender, occupation, language spoken at home or ethnic background. There was also high validity for a Spanish sample.

    It is currently being used in general clinical/ counseling practice, for assessment at Redbank House, Westmead Hospital; in private practice with adults and children; and in research at St Vincent's hospital for medical/ surgical patients, and in ongoing research on PTSD.

    The PFI was published in October 2004, and presented at the Australian Psychological Society Conference in Sydney.

    The PFI can be purchased at the ACER Online Shop