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Paper in E-Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Craddock, A. E. (2006) Self-Confidence as a Mediator of the Effect of Parental Abuse on Premarital Couple Satisfaction. E-Journal of Applied Psychology, 2, (1), 52-60.

    This study investigates the hypothesis that experience of parental abuse in the family of origin is associated with subsequent premarital relationship difficulties in adulthood, and that this effect is mediated in part by low self-confidence. The participants were 520 Australian heterosexual couples participating in the PREPARE premarital program before their marriage. The PREPARE Inventory (Olson, 1996) provided measures of couple relationship satisfaction and individual levels of self-confidence, experience of parental abuse and idealistic distortion. Multiple regression analyses indicated that, independent of idealistic distortion, female experience of parental abuse was associated with couple dissatisfaction, and that low self-confidence was a mediator of this effect. This effect was not evident in the male data, perhaps largely due to the strong influence of idealistic distortion.