Paper in Nursing Standard
  • Mullan, B. & Badger, F. (2007) Aggression and violence towards staff working with older patients. Nursing Standard, 21(27), 35-38.

    Aim: To investigate the incidence of violence and aggression towards staff working in elderly care wards and to consider the factors that influence the risk of experiencing such an incident. Method: Questionnaires were administered to 287 nursing and therapy staff within a community health NHS trust in the West Midlands. A response rate of 34% (96) was achieved. Results: Fifty one per cent (49) of staff had experienced an incident of violence or aggression. There was a significant difference between the probability of experiencing violence and the occupation of the participant (_2=0.035), with 65% (31 of 48) of nurses having experienced an incident, compared to only 42% (10 of 24) of occupational therapists and 27% (4 of 15) of physiotherapists. Conclusion: This study should be replicated in a wider geographical area and apparent anomalies in frequency of assault by occupation need to be considered in future research.