Paper in Neurology
  • Iwasaki, S., McGarvie, L.A., Halmagyi, G.M., Burgess, A.M., Kim, J., Colebatch, J.G. and Curthoys, I.S. (2007) Head taps evoke a crossed vestibulo-ocular reflex. Neurology, 68, 1227-1229.

    Taps to the forehead on the midline, at the hairline (Fz), with a reflex hammer or powerful bone conduction vibrator caused short-latency surface potentials from beneath both eyes in all healthy subjects. The earliest negative responses were invariably absent from the eye contralateral to the side of a previous vestibular nerve section but were preserved despite sensorineural hearing loss. These responses probably reflect vestibular function via crossed otolith- ocular pathways.