Paper in Archive for the Psychology of Religion
  • Johnstone, J., & Tiliopoulos, N. (2008). Exploring the relationship between schizotypal personality traits and religious attitude in an international Muslim sample. Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 30, 241-253.

    The study explored the nature of the relationship between schizotypal personality traits and attitude of Muslims towards their faith. A total of 114 adult Muslims from eighteen countries responded to the Sahin-Francis scale of Attitude towards Islam, the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire Brief, the short version of the Eysenck Lie scale, and a number of external indicators and religious practices. Attitude towards Islam, frequency of prayer and Mosque attendance had a relatively strong positive relationship with each other, while these religious characteristics exhibited a weak negative relationship with schizotypal traits. Age and social desirability did not seriously affect the religiosity-schizotypy relation, while a moderating effect of gender was identified. These findings suggest the presence of both underlying cross-faith elements and potential faith-specific behaviours in the relationship between religiosity and schizotypy.