Paper in Sydney: Psychology Press
  • Nickels, L. and Croot, K. (Eds.) (2009) Progressive Language Impairments: Intervention and Management: A Special Issue of Aphasiology. Sydney: Psychology Press, .

    Progressive language impairments comprise a broad range of symptoms of impaired language processing that worsen over time as a result of neurodegenerative disease, and that range from impaired knowledge of the concepts underlying language through reading and writing difficulties to impaired ability to articulate speech. This volume focuses on intervention for progressive language impairments, providing an overview of current research and including examples of interventions at different levels (e.g., impairment-directed interventions, activity/participation-directed interventions). The aim of this volume is to demonstrate the potential for intervention in these disorders and to overcome any remaining prejudice that intervention is not appropriate for individuals with progressive language impairments.