Paper in Personality & Individual Differences
  • Tiliopoulos, N., & Goodall, K. (2009). The neglected link between adult attachment & schizotypal personality traits. Personality & Individual Differences, 47, 299-304.

    The relationship between adult attachment and schizotypal personality traits in a non-clinical sample was explored. It was predicted that insecure attachment would show a positive association with schizotypy. A total of 161 British adults completed the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire and the Experience in Close Relationships Scale. Canonical correlation analysis was used as a multivariate technique to explore the nature and directionality of the relationship between the two constructs. Attachment had a strong relationship with schizotypy, both at a bivariate and multivariate level, in the predicted direction. In conjunction with other predisposing factors, insecure attachment might contribute towards the development of schizotypy via specific interactional and cognitive styles, implicit within individuals' internal working models. A study of the relationship between schizotypy and attachment can enhance understanding of the pathways and triggers associated with schizotypal development, and ultimately lead to better ways of diagnosing, preventing, and even treating schizotypal personality disorder.