Paper in Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health
  • Lesmana, C.B.J., Suryani, L.K., Tiliopoulos, N, and Jensen, G.D. (2010). Spiritual-Hypnosis Assisted Therapy: A new culturally sensitive approach to the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, 12,195–208.

    This article describes the therapeutic approach of Spiritual-Hypnosis Assisted Therapy (SHAT), originally developed in Bali, Indonesia, and its applications to treatment, intervention, and prevention of mental illness among individuals, groups, and communities. A background of the Balinese culture and religion is also presented to show how it was integral to the development of the method. SHAT has been extensively and successfully used in clinical practice in Bali for over a decade now for a variety of mental disorders, emotional distress (specifically grief and bereavement), sexual, relational, and sexual orientation problems, and posttraumatic stress disorder.