Paper in Medical Journal of Australia
  • Price MA, Butow PN, Costa DS, King MT, Aldridge LA, Fardell J, DeFazio. A, Webb PM (2010). Prevalence and predictors of anxiety and depression in women with invasive ovarian cancer and their carers. Medical Journal of Australia, 193(5): S52-S57.

    Objectives: To assess the prevalence and predictors of depression and anxiety in women with ovarian cancer and their caregivers, to compare levels of depression and anxiety with community norms, and to explore the relationship between patients and their nominated caregivers.

    Design, setting and participants: Prospective cohort study of 798 women with invasive ovarian cancer recruited between 1 January 2002 and 30 June 2006 through the nationwide Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, and 373 of their caregivers.

    Main outcome measures: Depression and anxiety as assessed with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and the role of demographic variables, disease and treatment variables, psychosocial variables, and use of mental health and support services as potential predictors.

    Results: Rates of anxiety and depression among patients were significantly lower than in previous reports, although clinical depression rates (5.9%) were significantly higher than community norms (3.0%; χ2=24.0; P
    Conclusions: While depression is significantly more common in women with ovarian cancer than in the general population, it is caregivers of such patients who report much higher levels of both subclinical and clinical depression and anxiety.