Paper in Journal of Psychology & Theology
  • Craddock, A.E., Church, W., Harrison, F., & Sands, A. (2010). Family of origin qualities as predictors of Religious Dysfunctional Perfectionism. Journal of Psychology & Theology, 38, 3, 205-214.

    This study investigated the interrelationships between perceptions of religious dysfunctional perfectionism (RDP) and family of origin qualities in a sample of religiously active Australian first-year Psychology students at the University of Sydney. General functional and dysfunctional perfectionism was assessed using the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale and a specific measure of RDP was developed by means of an adaptation of some of Frost’s items. The main findings supported the study’s hypotheses: Zero-order correlations indicated high RDP was significantly associated with high levels of family rigidity, enmeshment and disengagement. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis showed that general functional perfectionism explained 18% of the variance of RDP. After controlling for both aspects general perfectionism, extreme family rigidity, enmeshment and disengagement explained a further 18% of the variance in RDP. The significant independent predictors of religious dysfunctional perfectionism were general dysfunctional perfectionism and family rigidity. Implications of these findings for cognitive behavioural treatment of religious dysfunctional perfectionism are discussed