Paper in Journal of Gambling Studies.
  • Gainsbury, S.M., Russell, A., Hing, N., Wood, R., Lubman, D., & Blaszczynski, A., (2013). How the Internet is changing gambling: Findings from an Australian prevalence survey. Journal of Gambling Studies. DOI: 10.1007/s10899-013-9404-7.

    Interactive gambling as a regulated activity, coupled with easy accessibility to offshore providers represents a new mode and format of gambling superimposed on traditional land-based opportunities. This paper aimed to investigate the prevalence of gambling among Australian adults and the relationship between various gambling activities and interactive modes of access. A second aim was to compare interactive and non-interactive gamblers in terms of socio-demographic characteristics, attitudes and beliefs about gambling and gambling participation. In a nationally representative telephone survey, 15,006 Australian adults completed measures assessing past 12-month gambling participation and a sub-sample completed questions about interactive gambling and beliefs.