Shih-Yu Lo

Position: Research Associate

Office: Room 310, Griffith Taylor Building
Fax: +61 2 9036 5223
Postal Address:
School of Psychology
Brennan MacCallum Building (A18)
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006



  1. 2013  PhD in Psychology, The University of Sydney

  2. 2005  Master of Science in Psychology, National Taiwan University

  3. 2003  Bachelor of Science in Psychology,  National Taiwan University


Employment History

2013~       Research Associate, The University of Sydney
Duties: Conducting research, writing research reports

2011~2012 Tutor, The University of Sydney
Courses: Introductory Psychology (Semester 1, 2011)
                  Perceptual Systems (Semester 2, 2011, and 4 weeks in Semester 2, 2012)
Duties: Leading discussions, familiarising students with course contents and marking assignments.

2003~2004 Teaching Assistant, National Taiwan University
Course: Perceptual Psychology
Duties: Helping lecturer set up demos, experiments and marking assignments and exams.





Peer reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Lo, S.-Y, Howard, C. J., & Holcombe, A. O. (2012) Feature-based attentional interference revealed in perceptual errors and lags. Vision Research, 63, 20-33.

  2. Lo, S.-Y. & Yeh, S.-L. (2011). Independence between implicit and explicit processing as revealed by the Simon effect. Consciousness and Cognition, 20, 523-533.

  3. Lo, S.-Y. & Yeh, S.-L. (2008). Dissociation of processing time and awareness by the inattentional blindness paradigm. Consciousness and Cognition, 17, 1169-1180.

Conference Presentations

  1. Lo, S.-Y, & Holcombe, A. O. (2012). Attending to one green item while ignoring another: Costly, but with curious effects of stimulus arrangement. Poster presented at Vision Science Society, Annual Meeting. Naples, Florida.
  2. Lo, S.-Y, Holcombe, A. O., & Howard, C. J. (2011). Feature-based attentional interference revealed in perceptual errors and lags. Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
  3. Lo, S.-Y. & Yeh, S.-L. (2010). Effect of sound on visual persistence. The 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision, Taipei, Taiwan.
  4. Yeh, S.-L. & Lo, S.-Y. (2008). Visual-auditory interaction in the Simon effect. The 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision, Brisbane, Australia.
  5. Lo S.-Y. & Yeh, S.-L. (2008). Multisensory stimulus-response compatibility effect occurs only when the stimuli are consciously perceived. The 12th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. Taipei, Taiwan.
  6. Lo, S.-Y., & Yeh, S.-L. (2005). Dissociating attention from required processing time. Journal of Vision, 5, 157a. Poster presented at Vision Science Society, 5th Annual Meeting. Sarasota, Florida.
  7. Lo, S.-Y. & Yeh, S.-L. (2004). Are Chinese characters picture-like? Perception (suppl.), 33, 151c. Poster presented at 27th European Conference on Visual Perception, Budapest, Hungary.
  8. Lo, S.-Y. & Yeh, S.-L. (2003). Contextual effect, figure-ground organization, and attention. Perception (suppl.), 32, 135b. Poster presented at 26th European Conference on Visual Perception, Paris, France.



  1. July 2008- January 2013 University of Sydney International Scholarship This is a scholarship provided by the University of Sydney to international students. The amounts of this scholarship include tuition fees for 3.5 years (I suspended my study in 2009 but recommenced in 2010) and stipends of approximately 20,000 AUD a year.
  2. 2011, 2012 PRSS (Postgraduate Research Support Scheme) and STA (Student Travel Allowances) These are financial subsidies for postgraduate students to attend conferences.
  3. 2007-08 Fulbright Study Grant (declined) This is a grant offered to non-US permanent residents or citizens to pursuit their graduate (postgraduate) studies in the US. I was awarded but declined it because I chose an Australian university.
  4. 2005 Award from the Dean of College of Science, NTU (Master) This award has been established for graduates with excellent master-degree theses, and there were 29 awardees out of 271 graduates of master degree in this College.
  5. 2003 Award from the Dean of College of Science, NTU (Bachelor) This award has been established for graduates whose grades and/or research ability are within top 10% of their class, and there were 51 awardees out of 408 graduates from this College.