ARC Future Fellowships

The ARC Future Fellowships scheme aims to promote research in areas of critical national importance by giving outstanding researchers incentives to conduct their research in Australia. The aim of Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers.

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2012 ARC Future Fellows

A/Prof Madeleine Beekman Social insects as model systems in complexity science
Prof Marcela M Bilek Harnessing the bioactivity of proteins and polypeptides: understanding and controlling adsorption processes to optimise linker free immobilisation
Dr Gregory P Brown Integrating ecoimmunology and population ecology to understand how tropical reptiles deal with novel challenges
A/Prof Min Chen Biosynthetic and evolutionary pathways of red-shifted chlorophylls
Prof Sebastien Perrier Soft nanotubes for biomedical applications
Dr Martin Wechselberger Geometric methods in mathematical physiology
Dr Bruce Yabsley Probing the structure of exotic mesons, at the Large Hadron Collider and beyond

2011 ARC Future Fellows

Dr Jerome Buhl From individuals to mass organisation: aggregation, synchronisation and collective movement in locusts
Prof John Canning Optical fibre nanophotonics for sensing
Dr Christopher C Chaston Wave energy transport, conversion and dissipation in near-Earth space
Prof Colin W Clifford Parallel and generative binding in human visual cortex
Prof Mark Colyvan Mathematical explanation
Dr Ivan Crozier Culture-bound syndromes, koro, and the emergence of 'cosmopolitan' psychiatry
Dr Anthony Henderson Springer fibres, nilpotent cones and representation theory.
Dr Mark D Pelusi Broadband compensation of nonlinear signal distortion in optical fibre communications
Dr Stefan B Williams Delivering information suitable for studying spatial and temporal variability in benthic habitats using autonomous underwater vehicles

2010 Future Fellows

A/Prof Scott M Croom Dissecting galaxy evolution
A/Prof Justin A Harris The metrics of associative learning
Prof Cameron J Kepert Functional molecular nanomaterials
Dr Maryanne C Large The development of novel and tunable metamaterials
Prof Geraint F Lewis Caught in the act by PAndAS: An unparalleled view of galaxy evolution
A/Prof Peter G Tuthill Imaging exoplanets with advanced spaceborne photonics
Dr Ana Vila Concejo Dynamics of carbonate sands and morphodynamics of coral reef environments