ARC Discovery Projects

The Discovery Projects provides funding for research projects that can be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.

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2013 ARC Discovery Project grant recipients

Prof David M Alais Binocular rivalry: a new model to measure it, and a new approach to attention and crossmodal influences
Prof Barton L Anderson The visual perception of three-dimensional shape, surfaces, and materials
Dr Sandro F Ataide Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the human signal recognition particle cycle
Prof Stephen D Bartlett Bulk-boundary correspondence in quantum many-body systems
Prof Timothy R Bedding A golden age of stellar astrophysics with Kepler
Dr Michael J Biercuk Frequency standards with breakthrough performance: engineering immunity to local oscillator instabilities using dynamical error suppression
Prof Marcela M Bilek Biomaterials with multifaceted tunability and bio-specificity
Dr Mary E Byrne The role of the ribosome and translation in plant fertility
Prof John J Cannon Constructive Representation Theory
Prof Simon C Fleming Teaching old dogs new tricks: making ordinary glass both guide and modulate light in photonic chips
Prof Anne J Green The Carina Nebula: a massive star factory and the anchor for calibrating extragalactic star formation
Prof Justin A Harris Learning whether and learning when: rate and timing in human associative learning
Prof Nalini Joshi Critical solutions of nonlinear systems
Prof Scott H Kable Chemistry at the threshold: unusual mechanisms and unexpected products
Prof Peter A Lay The roles of metal complexes and related metalloproteins in the essential and therapeutic control of diabetes
Prof Manfred Lenzen Unifying global approaches to environmental footprinting
Prof Geraint F Lewis Observing the synthetic universe: revealing the dark cosmos with future telescopes
Dr Christopher S McErlean Strigologues: inventing activity-specific plant hormones
A/Prof Phil A McManus Caring for thoroughbreds: addressing social, economic and welfare issues in international horse racing
Prof Dietmar Muller Understanding the deep driving forces of Earth's large-scale topography through time
Prof Christopher R Murphy Lively reproduction: do common molecules underlie all vertebrate live birth?
Dr Richard J Payne Development and application of new peptide ligation methods for the synthesis and structure-function studies of glycoproteins
Prof Sebastien Perrier Smart materials from semi-soft particles
Prof Peter A Robinson Spatiotemporal dynamics and analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging
Prof Elaine M Sadler The birth and rebirth of radio galaxies
Prof Richard Shine Cane toads as a model system for demographic analysis and invasive-species control
Prof Stephen J Simpson Integrating nutritional immunology
A/Prof Qiying Wang Asymptotics in non-linear cointegrating regression: theory and applications
A/Prof Ashley Ward Leadership matters: the emergence of informed leaders and their influence on group movement
A/Prof Ashley Ward From individual interactions to global patterns: understanding the basis of collective behaviour
Prof Gregory G Warr Functional mesostructured materials in ionic liquids
Dr Jean Y Yang Project: Vertically integrated statistical modelling in multi-layered omics studies

2012 ARC Discovery Project grant recipients

A/Prof David M Alais Temporal synchrony as a binding cue between the senses
Prof Sally M Andrews Cracking the code for skilled reading: the role of lexical quality in word and sentence reading
Em/Prof Geoffrey W Barton A coupled finite volume method for viscoelastic flow problems on highly-skewed unstructured meshes: a computational rheology revolution
A/Prof James K Beattie On-water catalysis for green chemistry
Prof Joss Bland-Hawthorn Galactic Archaeology: a new probe of the cold dark matter paradigm
Prof Maria Byrne Heads or tails - which did echinoderms lose in the evolution of radial symmetry?
A/Prof Julie M Cairney Understanding grain boundary segregation - a route to developing new advanced engineering materials
A/Prof Min Chen The role of chlorophyll f in photosynthesis
Dr Florica C Cîrstea Analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations describing singular phenomena
Prof Colin W Clifford Gaze perception and adaptation
A/Prof Kevin M Downard Predicting the evolution of the influenza virus on mass
A/Prof Georg Gottwald Extracting macroscopic variables and their dynamics in multiscale systems with metastable states
Dr Irina M Harris Ensemble coding of complex visual stimuli
Prof Brian S Haynes On the mechanism of boiling instability in microchannels
A/Prof Andrew J Holmes Determinants of substrate preferences and environmental applications of the copper membrane monooxygenases
Dr Kurt J Iveson The politics of location: location-aware mobile media and urban governance
Prof Cameron J Kepert Advanced functional properties in metal-organic frameworks
Dr Boris Kuhlmey Drawn metamaterials: scalable nanofabrication for optical components of the future
Prof Gus Lehrer Quantised algebras, supersymmetry and invariant theory
Dr Evan J Livesey Unpacking the effects of stimulus exposure in human learning
Prof Joel P Mackay The regulation of gene expression by post-translational modification of transcription factors
Prof Joel P Mackay Functional analysis of nucleic acid binding protein that is essential for mammalian development
Prof Thomas Maschmeyer Renewable solar hydrogen generated from waste streams
Dr Dane R McCamey Electrical spin resonance detection techniques for nanotechnology applications
A/Prof Dominic Murphy The structure and function of self-representation
Prof Benjamin P Oldroyd Genes in conflict in the social insects
Dr Richard J Payne New methods for the chemical synthesis of a library of glycopeptide-based tri-component cancer vaccines
Prof Jeffrey R Reimers One-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional nanostructures for electronics and computing applications
A/Prof Louis M Rendina New frontiers in the therapeutic application of gadolinium
Prof Marek Rutkowski Multi-person stochastic games with idiosyncratic information flows
A/Prof Timothy Schmidt Double resonance spectroscopy for astrochemistry
A/Prof Frank Seebacher Does physiological plasticity of individuals render populations resilient to climate change?
Dr Penelope Smith Nutrient transfer across symbiotic membranes in soybean
Dr Margaret Sunde Breaching the defences: the role of hydrophobin protein monolayers in rice blast fungal infections
Prof Michael B Thompson The link between the angiogenesis of live birth and cancer: a lizard model
Dr Matthew H Todd Charting intercellular space
Prof Jill Trewhella Molecular foundations for essential fine tuning of regulatory signals in healthy heart function
Prof Gregory G Warr Co-oligomer amphiphiles for novel living and fixed nanomaterials
Prof Anthony S Weiss Versatile elastin based hybrid hydrogels for chondrocyte transplantation and repair

2011 ARC Discovery Project grant recipients

Dr James Atkinson Algebraic interpretations of discrete integrable equations
Prof Marcela Bilek New generation pulsed magnetron sputtering: enhancing ionisation and deposition rate
Prof Robert Boakes The missing calories effect in rats and humans
Prof Iver Cairns Integrated data-tested theory and modeling of type III solar radio emissions
A/Prof Alan Chalmers The Scientific Revolution: Mechanisation of the World Picture or the Emergence of Science as opposed to a World Picture?
A/Prof Stuart Cordwell The role of N-linked protein glycosylation in Campylobacter jejuni
Dr Deanna D'Alessandro Conducting Nanoporous Materials: toward Molecular Devices
Prof Edward Dancer Stable and Finite Morse index solutions and peak solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations
A/Prof Kevin Downard Proteotyping for the Rapid Identification of Pandemic Influenza
A/Prof Holger Dullin Geometry and Analysis of Discrete Integrable Systems
Dr Sean A Farrell Hyper-luminous X-ray sources as the missing link in black hole evolution
Prof Trevor Hambley Development of prodrug strategies for achieving increased penetration and selective activation in solid tumours
A/Prof Simon Ho Estimating evolutionary time-scales using genomic data: Exploiting opportunities and meeting challenges
A/Prof Alexander Holcombe Perceiving and tracking human objects
Prof Katrina Jolliffe New Synthetic Receptors for Selective Recognition and Sensing of Biologically Important Anions
Dr Amir Karton The role pf hypohalous acids and related oxidants in the oxidative damage of biological systems: a computational investigation
Prof Michael Kassiou The Development of Carboranes as New Agents in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Disease
Prof Brendan Kennedy Crystal-chemical tuning of order and disorder: a strategy for the discovery of novel solid state ionic conductors
Prof Philip Kuchel Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of molecules and cells in media with 'tunable' anisotropy: high rank-spins, z-spectra, ( pro)chiral discrimination, peptide L-to-D isomerase
Dr Tanya Latty Tracking moving targets: dynamic foraging in ants and slime moulds
Prof Gus Lehrer Flag varieties and configuration spaces in algebra
Prof Geraint Lewis Caught in the Act: an unparalleled view of galaxy evolution
Prof Andrew Mathas Graded representations of Hecke algebras
A/Prof Jacqueline Matthews Inhibiting protein-protein interactions involved in neural development and disease
Prof Ross McPhedran Beyond metamaterials: new composites for transforming photonics
Prof Alexander Molev Vertex algebras and representations of quantum groups
Prof David Moss Breaking the glass ceiling: SiN and doped silica glass for ultra high speed CMOS compatible optical processing and measurement chips
Dr Tara Murphy Extreme Events: Mining the Radio Sky for Gamma-ray Bursts with Intelligent Algorithms
Dr James Parkinson The geometry and combinatorics of loop groups
Dr Chiara Neto Tailoring surface properties to maximise boundary slip for microfluidic applications
Prof Sebastien Perrier Polymer-Functionalised Nanotubes: Controlled Formation by Self-Assembly
Prof Jeffrey Reimers Chemical physics for nanotechnology and biotechnology
A/Prof Timothy Schmidt Photochemical upconversion for third generation photovoltaic devices
Dr Anne Thomas Lattices in locally compact groups
Prof Serguei Vladimirov Nonlinear surface waves and processes in quantum plasma as future technique for nanoelectronics
A/Prof Martin Wechselberger A geometric theory for travelling waves in advection-reaction-diffusion models
Dr Lisa Zadro Using a cross-national approach to investigate the link between ostracism and interethnic aggression
Dr Zhou Zhang Topological and Analytic Aspects of the Kaehler-Ricci Flow

2010 ARC Discovery Projects

Robert Silas Allen Discovery of novel microRNA biogenesis and functional components
Prof Bart Anderson The perception of surfaces and materials
Dr Alexander Argyros Microstructured polymer waveguides for Terahertz radiation
Prof Timothy Bedding Testing stellar physics using asteroseismology
Prof Iver Cairns Solar Radio Bursts, the Origin and Properties of the Sun's Corona and Solar Wind, and Space Weather
Prof John Cannon Constructive Module Theory for Algebras
Prof Maxwell Crossley Tailored Porphyrins for Nanoscience Applications
Prof Trevor Crossley Radiolabelled MMP Binding Agents for the Identification, Quantification, and Targeting of MMPs in CNS Disorders and Tumours
Prof Carel de Sterke Frozen linear and nonlinear light
Dr Peter Domachuk Silk Fibroin Optofluidic Chips
Prof Christopher Dickman Dynamic networks in a patchy landscape: will species interactions adjust to increased climatic extremes?
Prof Benjamin Eggleton Stimulating light scattering in periodic structures: How slow can it go?
A/Prof Christian Ewald On aspects of Asian options
Dr Karen Gonsalkorale The role of social identity complexity in the success of interethnic contact
Prof Georg Gottwald Stochastic Methods in Mathematical Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Prof Trevor Hambley Radiolabelled MMP Binding Agents for the Identification, Quantification, and Targeting of MMPs in CNS Disorders and Tumours
Prof Justin Harris Probability and Timing in Associative Learning
Mr Michael Ireland How many bright stars of the night sky harbour planets?
Dr Vivek Jayaswal Statistical analysis of multi-source microarray data for building gene regulatory networks
Prof Scott Kable Roaming around the Transition State: A New Mechanism of Chemical Reactions
Prof Brendan Kennedy Complex Phenomena and Phase Transitions in Ferroric Perovskites
Prof Cameron Kepert Spin Switching in Nanoporous, Nanomolecular and Multifunctional Hybrid Systems
A/Prof Serdar Kuyucak Mechanism of glutamate transport from experimental and simulation studies
Dr Sergio Leon-Saval Light-matter interactions in nanoparticle-doped microstructured polymer fibres
Prof Peter Lay Design and Mechanistic Studies of Metal-Based Anti-Diabetic Drugs
A/Prof Nathan Lo The evolution of caste determination systems in termites
Dr Dane Robert McCamey Spins in Organic Semiconductors
Prof David McKenzie Surface immobilisation of enzymes for the synthesis of ethanol
Dr Chiara Neto New Surfaces for the Control of Endothelial Cell Function: Application in the Design of Biocompatible Stents
Dr Timothy Newsome The fate of single virus particles during infection
A/Prof Richard Payne Solid-Phase Synthesis of Sulfopeptides for Evaluation of Chemokine-Receptor Recognition
A/Prof Laurentiu Paunescu The canonical stratification of jet spaces
Dr Daniel Penny Thresholds and hysteresis: how do abrupt changes in the Asian monsoon affect ecosystems and environmental processes?
Prof Sebastien Perrier Sustainable polymers from Smart Cellulose
A/Prof Bill Pritchard Institutions for Food Security: Global Lessons from Rural India
A/Prof Hans Pols Health and Medicine in the Dutch East Indies: Medical Research, Health Programs, and Colonial Networks of Mediation
A/Prof David Reilly Quantum control of decoherence in mesoscopic spin systems
A/Prof David Reilly Biomedical imaging with spins in nanoparticles: from single cell to whole-body scanning
Prof Leo Radom Hydrogen Bonding, Hydrogen Transfer, Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis: A Computational Quantum Chemistry Investigation
Prof Elaine Sadler Relativistic jets and radio-mode feedback in massive galaxies
Dr Margaret Sunde Exploiting the self-assembly of hydrophobin proteins to engineer functional nanostructuring surfaces
A/Prof Kevin Varvell An Australian Program in Precision Flavour Physics
Dr Vanina Marie Vergoz The role of dopamine in the regulation of worker sterility in the honey bee
Dr Jody Webster IODP drilling of the Great barrier Reef: unlocking the causes, rates and consequences of abrupt sea level and climate change
Prof Anthony Weiss Tropoelastin: functional analysis of the cell interactive domain
Dr Asaph Nathan Widmer-Cooper Soft modes in glasses: chemical control of relaxation and mechanical response