NHMRC Fellowships and Awards

Early Career Fellowships
NHMRC Early Career Fellowships provide opportunities for Australian researchers to undertake research that is of major importance in its field and of benefit to Australian health. A major objective of the scheme is to foster career development at the postdoctoral level by encouraging experiences in a different research environment.

Project Grants
The Project Grants scheme is the NHMRC’s main avenue of support for individuals and small teams of researchers undertaking clinical, biomedical, public health and health services research in Australian universities, medical schools, hospitals and other research institutions.

Program Grants
NHMRC Program Grants provide support for teams of high calibre researchers to pursue broad-based, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research activities. Teams contribute to new knowledge at a leading international level in important areas of health and medical research.

Development Grants
NHMRC Development Grants provide funding support to individual researchers or research teams to undertake research at the early proof-of-principle or pre-seed stage. The Scheme supports the commercial development of a product, process, procedure or service that if applied, would result in improved health care, disease prevention or provide health cost savings.

International Collaborative Grants
NHMRC’s Collaborative Research Grants scheme aims assist Australian researchers to participate in multinational research collaborative projects with international researchers.

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NHMRC Early Career Fellowships

Dr Aaron McGrath Determining the molecular basis of tumour cell multidrug resistance: structural and functional analysis of breast cancer resistance protein
Dr Stefan Oehlers Mycobacterial control of the establishment and outcome of infection

NHMRC Program Grants

Prof Paul Keall The Australian MRI-Linac Program: Improving cancer treatment through real-time guided radiotherapy

NHMRC Project Grants

Prof Iain Campbell Role of strawberry notch in neuroinflammation
Dr Laura Corbit Enhancing extinction of alcohol-predictive stimuli to reduce relapse risk
E/Prof Ian Curthoys Comprehensive clinical tests of balance function to track vestibular compensation and Meniere's Disease


NHMRC Early Career Fellowships

Dr Yu Yu Cellular response to modulation of iron levels
Charmaine Tam Explorations of protein leverage in humans
Zaklina Kovacevic Composite biomaterials for cartilage repair
Dr Nasim Annabi A new treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer
Dr Danijela Gnjidic Outcomes from medicines in older Australians
Mr Nichollas Scott The Identification of novel diagnostics and therapeutics from bacterial viruses specific for the foodborne pathogen Campylobacter jejuni using mass spectrometry.

NHMRC Career Development Fellowships

Dr Brian Oliver Novel targets in airways disease
A/Prof Janette Burgess Understanding structural changes in the lung

NHMRC Research Fellowships

Prof Phyllis Butow Senior Principal Research Fellowship


NHMRC Grants

Prof Jennie Brand-Miller A dietary intervention in gestational diabetes to reduce child obesity: a randomised controlled trial
Prof Iain Campbell Interleukin-6/gp130 signaling and actions in the CNS
A/ProfStuart Cordwell Identification of proteins specific to transmissible Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis infection
Dr Liza Cubeddu A single-stranded DNA binding proten implicated in the cellular response to DNA damage
E/Prof Ian Curthoys Vestibulo-ocular responses to bone conducted vibration
Prof Madeleine King Development and valuation of cancer-specific multi-attribute health states for use in economic evaluation
Prof Joel Mackay Designer RNA-binding proteins for research and therapeutic purposes
Dr Timothy Newsome The role of actin-based motility as a virulence mechanism and potential as an antiviral target
A/Prof Richard Payne Inhibition of siderophore biosynthesis for tuberculosis drug discovery
A/Prof Elizabeth Rieger The Effectiveness of motivational enhancement therapy for obese patients and support partners