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The University of Sydney has an outstanding record in forging new links with research institutes, universities and industry through collaborative and contract research. Creating such a partnership at Sydney is an effective way of gaining access to cutting edge research and advanced facilities. The University is actively spinning off successful companies based on its intellectual property and the research expertise of staff and students.

Researchers across a range of disciplines offer professional services including consulting, testing and end-user driven research.

The University of Sydney manages thousands of such arrangements each year and has a dedicated legal counsel and contracts processing team that manages the agreement development between the University and commercial partners.

The University’s Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) team links industry with the University, facilitating access to end-user driven research programs, and new or existing intellectual property. The department has been highly successful in developing partnerships with industry and government, and recent success stories highlight the range of endeavours that the University is involved in.

The team assesses all new Intellectual property emerging from research at the University, proactively protects, markets and licenses the University’s intellectual property worldwide with the primary purpose of commercialising or disemminating the IP to achieve the maximum level of public good.

The Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships team are available to guide industrial partners through the process of identifying and licensing University Intellectual property that could benefit their business.

Dedicated research programs can be developed to suit the needs of the industrial collaborator as well as further the knowledge of the research community.

View a sample of the professional services offered by the University.

Please contact the Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) team for further information about working with University of Sydney researchers.