Partner opportunities

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Opportunities to partner with the University of Sydney are available across a range of research teams, including those in engineering, physics, nanotechnology, information technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. You are able to view a sample of the technology opportunities awaiting a commercialisation partner at the above link.

Government programs also encourage collaboration between universities and industry through a series of competitive grants offered through the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. The University of Sydney is one of the most successful organisations in attracting such grants including the ARC Linkage Project Scheme, ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Facilities (LIEF) scheme, and NHMRC Development Grants.

The University provides many avenues for Australian Industries to gain the benefits of it’s research through collaboration as well as gain government assistance.

  • Large scale collaborative projects that address market and technology opportunities can be explored directly with the University or as part of the industry-led networks that have exclusive access to the Industry Collaboration Fund (ICF).
  • End –User driven collaborations involving medium to long term R&D can work with the University to gain research funding through the the Co-operative Research Centre program.
  • New research partnerships that enable industry placement for researchers from one or more institutions while addressing challenging industry issues through R&D projects can be facilitated by the University and supported financially by the government’s Industrial Transformation Research Program.
  • Smaller, more specific R&D challenges that require short term but dedicated expertise in a research field can be co-funded by a range of AusIndustry programs.

The University of Sydney is also a registered research service provider for small to medium enterprises wanting to benefit from the Government R&D Tax Incentive scheme.

User-friendly agreements facilitate access to the University’s technologies and expertise and cover the areas of testing, consultancy, research (including ARC linkage research) and confidentiality.

Contact the Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) team for further information about working with University of Sydney researchers. Any required confidentiality arrangements can be secured quickly and easily through this team.