Postdoctoral funding opportunities

The University of Sydney provides support for talented early career researchers. The Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme was established in 1996 to support excellence in full-time research undertaken in any department or school at the University. The Fellowships are extremely prestigious and highly competitive internationally, in line with equivalent externally funded fellowships. The Fellowships allow outstanding researchers within 1–6 years of the award of their PhD to undertake research in any school at the University of Sydney.

The Scheme welcomes domestic and international applicants. It is essential to find a sponsor who is a current University of Sydney academic working in your field or a field closely aligned with yours, who will support your application. Use the Find an Expert search to find researchers in a specific field.

The John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships are an initiative to help early career researchers. The Fellowships are not specific to the University of Sydney but form part of the Science Industry and Endowment Fund (SIEF). The Scheme seeks research projects that will be collaborative projects between publically funded research agencies and universities. There is also a strong preference for end-user/industry engagement in the project.