Capstone research project

The capstone research project provides an opportunity for you to draw together the learning that has taken place during the course, synthesise this with prior learning and experience, and draw conclusions that will form the basis for further investigation and intellectual and/or professional growth.

The capstone research project is the compulsory activity that completes the Master of Sustainability degree. In the capstone project, it is intended that students propose a research enquiry (possibly based on their employment). Candidates work in a team to research current sustainability problems in collaboration with workplaces (including the candidate's current employer, if applicable), aiming to deliver sustainable solutions to real problems.

The capstone experience in the award comprises time and effort consistent with the number of credit points:

  • SUST5007 (24 credit points) for one large project, or
  • SUST5008 (12 credit points) and SUST5009 (12 credit points) for two smaller projects

The project should be multidisciplinary, that is, it should cover at least 2 aspects of sustainability (Energy, Health, Development, Environment etc.) and be approved by the Capstone Coordinator. The Capstone Coordinator will appoint a relevant academic mentor for each group from among the University’s sustainability researchers. In keeping with the generalist nature of the program, students may undertake projects unrelated to their background.

The University will not seek, nor provide any financial support for students involved in the capstone experience.

The capstone research project will involve an amount of time and effort consistent with the commitment of credit points allocated (12 or 24 credit points).