Units of study

Core units of study

The core units of study in the Sustainability program are:

Unit code Unit name When Mode Unit type
SUST5001 Introduction to Sustainability Semester 1, Semester 2 Weekly classes Core
SUST5002 Food and Water Security Semester 2 Weekly classes Optional core
SUST5003 Energy and Resources Semester 1 Weekly classes Optional core
SUST5004 Populations and Health Semester 2 Weekly classes (alternating workshops and online tutorials) Optional core
SUST5005 Policy and Sustainability Semester 2 Intensive Optional core
SUST5006 Sustainability: Business and Leadership Semester 1 Weekly classes Optional core
PHYS5031 Ecological Economics and Sustainability Analysis Semester 1 Weekly classes Optional core
SUST5007-9* Capstone research project Semester 1, Semester 2 Self-organised meetings with mentor Core*

* The Capstone research project is a core unit for Master of Sustainability students only.

Elective units and example study plans

The list of possible elective units is broad, allowing you to choose from a range of disciplines. Check the Faculty of Science Handbook for a list of current electives.

To provide some guidance, example study plans have been developed. These are intended to illustrate how some students may structure their degree around a particular area of interest, however this is not associated with a specific major or stream. for those students interested in more disparate subjects, it is just as acceptable to choose electives from completely different disciplines or focus areas. Example study plans include:

Note that the example study plans are not exhaustive; they are intended to be a guide only.