Units of study

Core units of study

The core units of study in the Sustainability program are:

Unit code Unit name When Mode Unit type
SUST5001 Introduction to Sustainability Semester 1, Semester 2 Weekly classes Core
SUST5002 Food and Water Security Semester 2 Weekly classes Optional core
SUST5003 Energy and Resources Semester 1 Weekly classes Optional core
SUST5004 Populations and Health Semester 2 Weekly classes (alternating workshops and online tutorials) Optional core
SUST5005 Policy and Sustainability Semester 2 Intensive Optional core
SUST5006 Sustainability, Society and Change Semester 1 Weekly classes Optional core
PHYS5031 Ecological Economics and Sustainability Analysis Semester 1 Weekly classes Optional core
SUST5007-9* Capstone research project Semester 1, Semester 2 Self-organised meetings with mentor Core*

* The Capstone research project is a core unit for Master of Sustainability students only.

Elective units and example study plans

The list of possible elective units is broad, allowing you to choose from a range of disciplines.

To provide some guidance, example study plans have been developed. Example study plans include:

Note that the example study plans are not exhaustive; they are intended to be a guide only.