Why Sydney?

The Sustainability program has been developed in collaboration with the University's sustainability experts and industry professionals from a range of areas. The program provides a strong foundation of understanding about sustainability, and allows students to focus on a multidisciplinary area of interest via:

  • the core units chosen,
  • the electives, and
  • for Master of Sustainability students, the capstone research project.

In order to address the complexity of challenges to sustainability, the program is multidisciplinary and involves most faculties at the University. Core units address the breadth of sustainability, including health and population, energy and resources, food and water security, policy, society and change, and analysis tools.

The program offers enough flexibility to allow students to tailor the degree to be broader than the core units of study, or to focus on one aspect by choosing from a wide range of elective units supported by the flexible design of the capstone research project. Students have some choice in core units of study and will be able to select 36 from a total of 42 credit points’ worth of core units.

The capstone research project differentiates the Masters degree from the Graduate Diploma and allows students to bring together the understanding they have developed through the coursework and apply it in a real-world context. For the capstone project, students work in teams to research current sustainability problems in collaboration with workplaces (including their own employment if appropriate), in order to deliver sustainable solutions to real problems.

The program is designed so that the Master of Sustainability builds upon the Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate.