Program outcomes

The Sustainability program is designed to:

  • Provide a foundation of understanding about sustainability to graduates with a range of backgrounds.
  • Provide some flexibility so that students may tailor their degree via the units chosen and – for Masters students – the design of the capstone research project.
  • Enhance graduates’ existing qualifications by providing an appreciation of the complexity of challenges to sustainability, as well as provide them with tools to measure, report on and identify solutions.
  • Empower graduates to change their approach to their work or make changes to their careers based on their understanding of sustainability.

Employment after graduation

A number of Sustainability graduates have shared with us how they think the program helped them with their careers and job successes.

  • Preetika told us about how she designed a capstone experience that led to further opportunities with her current employer, 2016
  • Amira shared her experience in securing a role working with shared value, 2016
  • Carlos told us about his progression from an internship to a role with the World Economic Forum, 2016
  • Olivia explained how she thought the Sustainability program helped her job-hunting, 2016

What graduates say

Recent graduates from the Sustainability program have told us what they liked about the degree and what helped them most with their professional aspirations.