Program outcomes

The Sustainability program is designed to:

  • Provide a foundation of understanding about sustainability to graduates with a range of backgrounds.
  • Provide some flexibility so that students may tailor their degree via the units chosen and – for Masters students – the design of the capstone research project.
  • Enhance graduates’ existing qualifications by providing an appreciation of the complexity of challenges to sustainability, as well as provide them with tools to measure, report on and identify solutions.
  • Empower graduates to change their approach to their work or make changes to their careers based on their understanding of sustainability.

What graduates say

Recent graduates from the Sustainability program have told us what they liked about the degree and what helped them most with their professional aspirations.

We also collect and take on board feedback from our students. Some changes that we have implemented at students' requests include:

  • A fortnightly communication is now sent to all enrolled students so students feel part of the degree;
  • All enrolled students can access a Blackboard site about the capstone research project to ensure everyone has information about the capstone from the beginning of their degree;
  • Unit Coordinators meet twice per year to discuss the curriculum to ensure there is no overlap between units of study; and
  • Students in the degree are regularly asked for feedback, including commencing and completing students, to ensure that we can inform improvements to the degree program.