Graduate attributes

For students at The University of Sydney, the Faculty of Science experience should be one that builds on their aspirations and provides opportunities for them to develop new ways of thinking; as global citizens, inquiring scholars, and as individuals with a lifelong passion and flair for learning. Our curricula are informed and renewed to foster graduate attributes using the Sydney signature learning experiences of Engaged Enquiry and a rich co-curricular experience.

Graduate Attributes are generic attributes that encompass not only technical knowledge but additional qualities that will equip students to be strong contributing members of professional and social communities in their future careers. The overarching graduate attributes identified by the University relate to a graduate’s attitude or stance towards knowledge, towards the world, and towards themselves. The development of these attributes is explicitly focussed on in teaching and assessment in students' formal courses of study at the University. This second level of attributes is described as five clusters of more specific attributes;

  1. Research & inquiry
  2. Information Literacy
  3. Personal and Intellectual Autonomy
  4. Communication, and
  5. Ethical Social and Professional Understandings

Faculty of Science Graduate Attributes

The five clusters are interpreted and contextualised in the Faculty of Science statements of graduate attributes.

The graduate attributes developed in individual units of study are described in the unit of study outline housed on the eLearning site. The outline also describes how this development is assessed. Graduate attribute development over a collection of units, such as a major, can be mapped using the Faculty of Science unit of study database.