Teaching tips seminars and events

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These seminars and forums are designed to encourage sharing of ideas and best practice across the Faculty of Science.

The emphasis in the informal, 30 - 40 minute teaching tips sessions is on practical steps for improving and enhancing our teaching. The location of the seminars rotate around the various disciplines in the Faculty but the topics are picked to reflect the issues that we share.

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Faculty of Science Learning and Teaching Forum: Using Learning Analytics to Enhance the Student Experience and Improve Retention

Date: Thursday 1st April
Time: 1-2pm
Venue: New Law School Lecture Theatre 101

Learning analytics uses the measurement and analysis of learning data, including assessment information, attendance, time spent on task, routes that students navigate through online information etc, to understand and optimise learning and the environments in which learning occurs. In this forum, we will explore what learning analytics is, including how it can be used to personalise the learning experience for students based on their performance and approach and how it can be used to identify "at risk" students.

This event is open to all and no RSVP is required.


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