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Support at Sydney

The Learning Centre
The Learning Centre can help you to develop skills needed for university study and your career. Workshops offered by the learning centre range from study skills and oral communication skills to postgraduate and academic writing and research skills. Other services include an individual learning program, a faculty-based program and access to online and print-based learning resources.

Sydney eLearning
Sydney eLearning has a student support site to help you get the most out of My eLearning and online study materials.

The Write Site
The Write Site provides online support to help you develop your academic and professional writing skills.

Faculty Liaison Librarians
Faculty Liaison Librarians are specialist information professionals. You can contact your Science Faculty Liaison Librarian to ask a question, or to make an appointment.

Generic Skills and Lifelong Earning
The Faculty is committed to supporting you in developing skills that will be crucial for your chosen profession. The Lifelong Earning resources are designed to help you create a portfolio as you progress through your degree.