Unit of study outlines

A unit of study outline is a summary of the context, content, learning outcomes and assessment details for a unit. It is used to convey information about the outcomes of the unit and to ensure that students are aware of their obligations, such as assessment tasks, policy requirements, how to contact those involved in teaching and coordinating the unit, pre-requisites and the location of key resources.

In the University of Sydney Assessment Policy and Procedures, the unit of study outline is required to be available in the first week of semester and to communicate the "purposes, timing, weighting and extent of assessment in sufficient detail to allow students to plan their approach to assessment" and to "explain the rationale for the selection of assessment tasks in relation to learning outcomes".

To ensure compliance with this policy and consistency across the Faculty, the online template is used to construct a unit of study outline for embedding within the unit website on the Learning Management System. In this web-based system, the coordinator completes each section to produce the overall outline.

To access the site, please contact who will send you further information.

Alongside individual unit of study outlines, the system allows for units to be combined to produce program or course mappings of graduate attributes and assessment calendars: