About us

UniServe Science aims to enhance the quality of science and mathematics education in Australia, at all levels by collecting, maintaining and disseminating information on up-to-date and innovative teaching and learning.

For the school sector, this is mainly achieved through our extensive website which includes learning materials and activities and support materials especially developed by UniServe Science. Links to external sites containing information, learning materials and activities for a broad range of scientific themes and topics are also included. Whilst these have been developed with the primary aim of supporting teachers in NSW schools, hence matching NSW curricula, the resources are used by teachers and students from across the globe.

At the tertiary level UniServe Science provides support both internationally and nationally level. Internationally, UniServe Science has published CAL-laborate, an international journal, prepared in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom since 1997. Last year, we launched CAL-laborate International, a refereed journal under the editorship of Professor Roger Lewis, from University of Wollongong. Nationally, UniServe Science conducts an annual conference which focuses on the enhancement of tertiary science teaching and learning.