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James Dalziel, Department of Psychology, The University of Sydney

Title: Using the Web for Formative and Summative Assessment in the Teaching of Psychology

Abstract: The World Wide Web offers a range of advantages over traditional paper and pencil or stand-alone computer tests, particularly where they are based on multiple choice or short answere questions. For formative assessmewnt, practice questions can be provided on the web for students to use at their own pace at any time, and from any Internet accessible location. Practice multiple choice questions can be designed to give immediate answers, and multiple layers of feedback allow students to navigate through material according to their learning needs. For summative assessment, web-based tests allow for centralised administration of computer tests, and aid the collation of test scores and response data. However, there are a range of security issues associated with on-line tests which need to be addressed to ensure appropriate use. This talk will provide an overview of the advantages of web-based assessment in the teaching of psychology.
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For further information refer to James's paper 'The Future of Multiple Choice Questions in Learning: Formative Assessment, Interactive Teaching Modules and Student-created Questions within WebMCQ' given at the 1999 UniServe Science Tools for Flexible Learning workshop.

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