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UniServe Science

UniServe Science was originally set up in 1994 with some Federal Government funding as a clearinghouse for information about new technologies in tertiary science teaching. Since that time it has changed its focus and currently it is funded by The University of Sydney through the Faculty of Science.

UniServe Science has recently become an integral part of the newly formed Institute for Science and Mathematics Innovation (IISME) at the University of Sydney and our principal activities are now focussed on enhancing science and mathematics teaching in NSW Schools and the broader community.

The various sections of our website contain information about, and links to resources for a wide range of topics across the science disciplines suitable for staff teaching from kindergarten through to tertiary level.

This is a dynamic website and information is constantly being updated and amended so please check back regularly. We welcome feedback and contributions from educators as we continue to expand our community and endeavours.

UniServe Science publishes and distributes a regular e-newsletter to interested teachers and members of the public. Please register to subscribe to the e-newsletter.