Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

These resources are from workshops developed and presented by UniServe Science staff for NSW teachers in a variety of fora.

Faculty of Education and Social Work Division of Professional Learning (DPL)

These are workshops that have been provided through DPL.

 2009  Science in the Middle School: Challenges and Opportunities 

 Differentiated Classroom (pdf 219kB)

Engagement and Motivation (pdf 200kb)

Assessment (pdf 71kB)

(Please note that the following resources, which are linked from the assessment presentation, are from external sources and we cannot guarantee the currency of all links contained within them)

 2008  Teaching Science for Deeper Meaning

Science Teachers Association of NSW (STANSW)

These are presentations made at STANSW Annual conferences for both primary and secondary teachers.

Years 7-10    
   2009  Are You Getting Enough Fibre (pdf 245.3kB)
   2006 Create Your Own Webquests
   1999  WebQuests - A Web-based Tool for Teachers  (Accompanying paper pdf 4.7kB)
   1999  Web Tools for Science Teachers
Years K_6    
   2009  Blast Off! (pdf 748.5kB)
   2003  Web-based Resources for K-6 Science Teachers


CONASTA (Conference of Australian Science Teachers Association) is an Annual conference. UniServe Science staff regularly attend these conferences adn present workshops and/or papers. These are some of our recent presentations.

2008   Not another project, Miss? Improving Assessment
   Not just Surfing:ICT Resources for the classroom teacher

Science Teachers' Workshops

These workshops are run by the Faculty of Science at The University of Sydney and are aimed at HSC science teachers.

2000   Stage 6: Web-based References and Resources