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Syllabus references

Stage 6: Biology
9.6 Biotechnology
9.6.7 Ethical issues related to biotechnology are considered in decision-making processes

Classroom activity

From Biotechnology Online (pdf 29kB)

Web sites

The movie

Gattaca - from the Internet Movie Database

Gattaca - good synopsis

The issues

GENETICALLY ENGINEERING HUMAN BEINGS - links to resources identified by retired university academic

Human Cloning and Genetic Modification - The Basic Science You Need to Know - from Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

The Ethics of Human Genetic Engineering - from William Grey, University of Queensland

Fact Sheet-Genetic Engineering - from Australian Association for Humane Research (pdf 73kB)

Educational resources

GATTACA - lesson ideas and worksheet from New York Science Teacher

INTERNET ACTIVITY: Genetic Engineering - series of activites adn links from South Texas College

Gattaca - from Teach With Movies, subscription necessary

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