Supporting Tertiary Science and Mathematics Teaching

UniServe Science provides support for those with an interest in research in science and mathematics education, both at The University of Sydney and the wider academic community throughout Australia and the world.

Two of our main activities in this area are:-

UniServe Science is now an integral section of the newly established Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Sydney and our activities are designed to support the aims of the Institute.


UniServe Science congratulates Associate Professor Pauline Ross, from University of Western Sydney on receiving an ALTC Award for Teaching Excellence. This is a major achievement, with only 24 Awards being presented this year. Further details on the Awards, including a link to the full list of Award winners is available from the ALTC website

We also congratulate the following recipients of 2009 ALTC Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

A full list of recipients is available from the ALTC website

Dr Shaun Belward and others James Cook University For creating a learning environment that engages students to be independent, self-directed learners who are industry and research ready
Associate Professor David Easdown The University of Sydney  For sustained excellence in nurturing discovery and fulfilling potential in mathematics learning, along the spectrum from novice undergraduates to accomplished masters and doctoral students
 Associate Professor Frank Seebacher  The University of Sydney   For novel and effective approaches to leading biology students from learning about science to becoming creative scientists
Dr Karma Pearce University of South Australia For creating a learning environment that engages students to be independent, self-directed learners who are industry and research ready

Congratulations as well to the following staff from The University fo Sydney who have won awards and/or recevied funding for significant acheivements in the fields of science and mathematics education

Scott Kable (Project Leader) Chemistry  2009 ALTC Project Advancing science by enhancing learning in the laboratory (ASELL)
Micahel Jacobson Education ARC Discovery  
Micahel Jacobson Education ARC Linkage  
Alex Holcombe Psychology Australian Research Council Future Fellowship Position perception, attention, object motion, and action
John O'Byrne Physics 2009  Small TIES Grant Video presentation of first year physics concept maps
Mark Ahern Biological Science 2009  Small TIES Grant An Environmental Analysis Suite for teaching field projects in biological sciences
 Adam Bridgeman Chemistry  2009  Small TIES Grant Collaborative laboratory for Quantitative Analysis
 Jill Johnston MMB 2009  Small TIES Grant Updating and streamlining undergraduate practical classes
 Sue Gordon Maths Learning Centre 2009  Small TIES Grant Experiences of coordinators, teachers and students in mathematics bridging courses
David Evans Education 2009 Large TIES Grant Working across the divide: Education and Health working together
Murray Thompson   2009 Large TIES Grant Digital modular microscopy facility for undergraduate teaching
 Peter Harrowell Chemistry  2009 Large TIES Grant Task-oriented laboratory programme for First Year Chemistry
 Iain Campbell MMB 2009 Large TIES Grant Enhancement of the student experience in Molecular Cell Biology: Cell culture facility and protein detection system
 Bruce Burns Psychology 2009 Large TIES Grant Developing online teaching tools for accumulating and analyzing human data
Patrice Rey GeoSciences 2009 Large TIES Grant Visualizing Geo-Referenced and Directional Data on a 3D digital Globe
John O'Byrne Physics 2009 Large TIES Grant A new approach to teaching introductory Medical Radiation Physics
Meloni Muir Medical Science 2009 Large TIES Grant Feedback in the Sciences: what is wanted, what is given and how it can be improved amongst a diverse student population
Janette Bobis Education

2009 Vice-Chancellor's Award for
Outstanding Teaching

Helen Agus MMB 2009 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Teaching and Learning School of MMB Excellence in Learning and Teaching Evaluation (ELATE) Committee