Steering Committee and Project Team

WiSci Steering Committee

  • Dr Ana Vila Concejo, School of Geosciences
  • Associate Professor Katherine Belov, Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Ms Jas Chambers, Director, Marketing, Communication and International Relations, Faculty of Science
  • Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli, School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr Liz New, School of Chemistry
  • Dr Deanna D’Alessandro, School of Chemistry
  • Mrs Eleanor Kable, Laboratory Manager, ACMM
  • Dr Sabina Kleitman, School of Psychology
  • Associate Professor Robyn McConchie, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
  • Professor Robyn Overall, Head of the School of Biological Sciences

Project Team

  • Ms Cindy Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Division of Natural Sciences
  • Ms Jill Macfie, HR Relationship Advisor, Faculty Agriculture & Environment
  • Ms Penny Oxford, Acting Research Support Manager, Faculty of Science