Matthew Charet

BA(Hons) MPhil in Religious Studies Sydney

Matthew’s association with the University of Sydney began as an undergraduate Arts student in 1990, and he has not been able to find his way off campus since! A BA(Hons) led to casual academic work and eventually a MPhil in Religious Studies, where he met his wife.

Matthew’s University administrative career commenced as a casual enrolment staffer with the Faculty of Arts in 2001, from whence he moved to a range of permanent roles in the Faculty of Science, most notably driving the setup of that Faculty’s Special Consideration procedures. Several years as Postgraduate Student Advisor led to a hankering for the student life, and he left full-time admin to take up a joint PhD in the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science and the Department of Studies in Religion, a work which is still in-progress.

Enticed at the prospect of servicing a range of Academic Board and Senate committees and working parties, in July 2008 Matthew joined the Secretariat as a Committees Officer. In late 2011 he waved us a fond farewell to become Student Administration Manager in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.