This photo gallery includes images of current and former Secretariat staff. Photos are courtesy of the University Secretariat unless otherwise indicated.

Louise Young, 2009

Louise Young joined the Secretariat in 2009 as Committees Officer, replacing Amy Griffiths during her secondment to Marketing and Student Recruitment. Lousie left the Secretariat in 2010 on Amy's return.

Matthew Charet, 2008

Matthew Charet joined the Secretariat in 2008 as Committees Officer and left in November 2011 to become Student Administration Manager in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Amy Griffiths, 2008

Amy Griffiths, joined Secretariat in 2007. She was seconded to Marketing and Student Recruitment as Undergraduate Projects Officer in 2009, returing to the University Secretariat in 2010, and left the University in 2012 to take up full-time study.

David Bradbury, 2008

David Bradbury has been a member of the Secretariat staff since September 2005. He is Executive Assistant to the Chair, Academic Board, and to Senate, and is Office Administrator.

Sally Paynter, 2008

Sally Paynter worked in the Secretariat for five years. From April 2007 Sally was seconded to the position of Executive Officer, Office of Deputy Provost (Learning & Teaching) & Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Since 2008, she has been Executive Officer, DVC (Education) portfolio.

Anna Bethmont, 2007

Anna Bethmont in 2007. Anna was a part-time Administrative Assistant in the Secretariat.

Naomi Connolly, 2007

Naomi Connolly was a member of Secretariat staff 2007-2008.

Judith Russell, 2006

Judith Russell in 2006. Judith was Director, Corporate Affairs, with oversight of the Secretariat 2004-2007.

Mark Smith, 2005

Mark Smith, Secretariat Committee Secretary, who left the Secretariat for UTS in January 2007.

Academic Board retreat, 2006

Academic Board retreat, June 2006. From left to right: Dr Maureen Boughton, Megan Kemmis, Professor Bruce Sutton, Associate Professor Robyn Ewing, Associate Professor Robyn Overall, Professor Masud Behnia, Associate Professor Scott Kable, Associate Professor Peter McCallum and Mark Smith.

Dr Caroyn O

Dr Caroyn O'Brien, Manager of the Secretariat in the 1990s, who sadly died in December 2005.

Erica Ring

Erica Ring, Academic Board Officer during the 1990s.