Academic Board Composition and Membership

The composition of the Academic Board is defined by Part 3 of the University of Sydney (Academic Board) Rule 2017.

The Academic Board will consist of:

The current membership of the Academic Board is as below. Elected staff are appointed for a term of office from 1 January 2018 through 31 December 2019. Elected student members are appointed for a term of office from 1 January 2018 through 31 December 2018.

Chair, Vice-Chancellor and ex officio members



The Chair

Associate Professor Tony Masters 

The Vice-Chancellor

Dr Michael Spence AC

The Deputy Vice-Chancellors:   
  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Stephen Garton

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Philippa Pattison

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services) 

Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver AM

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar) 
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) 

Professor Duncan Ivison 

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors:   
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education - Enterprise and Engagement) 
Professor Richard Miles
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement)  

Professor Kathy Belov

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research - Engagement and Enterprise)

Associate Professor Eric Knight

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships) 

Professor Laurent Rivory

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Life)

Professor Wai Fong Chua AM (Interim)

The Deans:   
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences 

Professor Annamarie Jagose

  • University of Sydney Business School 

Professor Gregory Whitwell

  • Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies

Professor Willy Zwaenepoel

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

Professor Kathryn Refshauge

  • Faculty of Medicine & Health

Professor Robyn Ward AM

  • Faculty of Science  

Professor Iain Young

The Heads of School and Deans of University schools:

  • Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Professor Robyn Dowling

  • Sydney Law School 

Professor Cameron Stewart (Acting)

  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music 

Professor Anna Reid

The Director, University Libraries

Anne Bell

The Director, Student Administrative Services 


Two representatives nominated by the Heads of School Committee 

Professor Yixu Lu

Two representatives nominated by the Faculty General Managers Committee

Leah Hill
  Adrienne Sach

The President of the Students’ Representative Council

Jacky He

Two other undergraduate students nominated by the executive of the Students’ Representative Council

Sean Perry

Chanum Torres

The President of the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

Weihong Liang

Two other postgraduate students nominated by the executive of the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

Domi Dana Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Elected staff members

Faculty/University school Member and School (where appropriate)
Sydney School of Architecture, Design & Planning Associate Professor Wendy Davis
  Associate Professor Sandra Loschke 
  Dr Matthew Mindrup
  Professor Jianlei Niu
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Associate Professor Judy Anderson (SSESW)
  Associate Professor Salvatore Babones (SSPS)
  Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark (Economics)
  Associate Professor Pablo Guillen Alvarez (Economics)
  Associate Professor Melissa Hardie (SLAM)
  Dr Christopher Hartney (SLAM)
  Professor Barbara Helwing (SOPHI)
  Associate Professor Nicole Mockler (SSESW)
  Dr Fernanda Penaloza (SLC)
  Dr Matthew Smith (Economics)
  Associate Professor Bronwyn Winter (SLC)
University of Sydney Business School Dr Amanda Budde-Sung
  Patty Kamvounias
  Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ
  Associate Professor Juliette Overland
  Associate Professor Maurice Peat
  Associate Professor Catherine Sutton-Brady
  Dr Ulku Yuksel
  Vacant (Level E)
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Dr Alan Maddox
  Dr Paul Rickard-Ford
  Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley
  Dr Narelle Yeo
Faculty of Dentistry Dr Kimberly Mathieu Coulton
  Dr Susie Dracopoulos
  Professor Joerg Eberhard
  Dr Jinlong Gao
  Dr Michelle Irving
  Dr Shanika Nanayakkara
  Vacant (Level E)
Faculty of Engineering & IT Professor Alan Fekete (IT)
  Dr Ali Hadigheh (Civil)
  Associate Professor Marjorie Valix (CBE)
  Dr Gareth Vio (AMME)
  Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson (Civil)
  Vacant (EIE)
Faculty of Health Sciences Associate Professor Steven Cumming
  Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh
  Dr Melanie Keep
  Dr Peter Kench
  Professor Tricia McCabe
  Associate Professor Rhonda Orr
  Associate Professor Evangelos Pappas
  Dr Justin Scanlan
Sydney Law School Professor Mary Crock
  Tanya Mitchell
  Professor Rita Shackel
  Dr Rayner Thwaites
Sydney Medical School Dr Joanna Diong (Medical Sciences)
  Associate Professor Alexander Engel
  Dr Alan Freeman (Medical Sciences)
  Professor Mark Gorrell
  Professor Manuel Graeber (Medical Sciences)
  Gemma Jacklyn (Public Health)
  Associate Professor Steven Kamper (Public Health)
  Associate Professor Annette Katelaris
  Dr Chia-chi Liu
  Dr Slade Matthews
  Associate Professor Lenka Munoz (Medical Sciences)
Sydney Nursing School Associate Professor Jacqueline Bloomfield
  Professor Robyn Gallagher
Faculty of Pharmacy Associate Professor Betty Chaar
  Associate Professor Thomas Grewal
  Professor Jane Hanrahan
  Jennifer Ong
  Dr Carl Schneider
  Associate Professor Nial Wheate
Faculty of Science Associate Professor Helen Agus (SOLES)
  Professor Sally Andrews (Psychology)
  Professor Geoff Clarke (Geosciences)
  Professor Ofer Gal (HPS)
  Dr Claudia Keitel (SOLES)
  Associate Professor Michael Kertesz (SOLES)
  Dr Arunima Malik (Physics)
  Associate Professor John O'Byrne (Physics)
  Dr James Parkinson (Mathematics)
  Associate Professor Patrice Rey (Geosciences)
  Associate Professor Siegbert Schmid (Chemistry)
  Dr Bianca Waud (Vet Science)

Elected students

Faculty/University school Member and category
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Natasha Arthars (HDR)
  Yasodara Puhule-Gamayalage (UG)
University of Sydney Business School Sarah Purvis (UG)
  David Lau (PG)
Faculty of Engineering & IT Frank Fei (UG)
  Wenjun (Jane) Lyu (PG)
Faculty of Health Sciences  Vacant (UG)
  Gu Yu (HDR)
Faculty of Medicine & Health Katherine Tu (UG)
  Ardalan Mirzaei (PG)
  Joshua Preece (PG)
  Yeon Jae Kim (HDR)
Faculty of Science Clare Birch (UG)
  Jett Ciao Ho (UG)
  Rengen Parlane (UG)
  Narjis Fatima (HDR)
Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning Jodie Chieu (UG)
  Amir Taheri (HDR)
Sydney Law School Vacant (UG)
  Vacant (PG) 
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Vacant (UG)

Vacant (PG)

Appointed or co-opted members

Role Member

Co-opted from 30 April 2018 through 31 December 2019: 

Head of School and Dean, Sydney Dental School

Professor Heiko Spallek

Head of School and Dean, Sydney Medical School

Professor Arthur Conigrave

Head of School and Dean, Sydney Nursing School 

Professor Donna Waters

Head of School and Dean, Sydney Pharmacy School

Professor Andrew McLachlan AM