Admissions Committee

Terms of reference
Composition and membership
Meeting dates and deadlines
Agendas, papers and minutes

Terms of reference


The Admissions Committee advises the Academic Board and its committees about resolutions, policy and procedures relating to admissions to award courses at the University of Sydney.

Terms of reference

  1. To advise the Academic Board on:
    (a) resolutions, policy and procedures relating to all student admissions to the University, and
    (b) issues relating to admissions not based solely on the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  2. To make recommendations to the Academic Board, or, if deemed appropriate by the Admissions Committee, to the Undergraduate Studies Committee and/or the Graduate Studies Committee, regarding:
    (a) English language requirements for admission to award courses
    (b) recognition of institutions, programs and courses for the purposes of admission
    (c) approval of admissions criteria in addition to the ATAR
    (d) approval of preparatory programs of study in prior learning
    (e) approval of special admission schemes
    (f) confirmation of academic selection criteria for international students set by Deans, and
    (g) University-wide Credit Transfer Policy for all coursework.
  3. To oversee and approve the publication of admissions advice.
  4. To exercise all reasonable means to provide and receive advice from the University Executive and its relevant subcommittees.
  5. To provide an annual report on its activities under its terms of reference to the Academic Board.
  6. To consider and report on any matter referred to it by the Academic Board, the Vice-Chancellor, Academic Board committees or the Chair of the Academic Board.

The Committee's full terms of reference can be downloaded as a PDF.

Composition and membership



the Chair of the Committee

Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson

the Chair of the Academic Board

Associate Professor Tony Masters

the Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee 

Associate Professor Wendy Davis

the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee

Professor Kirsten McKenzie

the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)

Professor Tyrone Carlin

the Director, Student Recruitment, or nominee

Peter Finneran (nominee)

the Director, Admissions, or nominee

Wencong Chai

the Head, Widening Participation, or nominee

Mary Teague

the Director, Institutional Analytics & Planning, or nominee

Kubra Chambers

the President of the Students' Representative Council, or nominee

Isabella Brook

the President of the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, or nominee 

Rebecca Johnson (nominee)

one undergraduate student member of the Academic Board, appointed annually by the Chair of the Academic Board

James Fick

one postgraduate student member of the Academic Board, appointed annually by the Chair of the Academic Board

Joshua Reisler

three Deans appointed annually by the Chair of the Academic Board, or their nominees

University of Sydney Business School

Associate Professor Rae Cooper (nominee)

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

Professor Archie Johnston

Faculty of Science

Jasmine Chambers (nominee)

Co-opted Members



Professor Annamarie Jagose

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Associate Professor Donna O'Connor

Faculty of Education and Social Work 

Professor Michelle Lincoln

Faculty of Health Sciences 

Meeting dates and deadlines

2017 Meetings:

 Agenda Deadline

 Agenda Papers Distributed

Meeting Date

Tuesday 31 January

Tuesday 7 February

Tuesday 14 February

Tuesday 28 February

Tuesday 7 March

Tuesday 14 March

Tuesday 4 April

Tuesday 11 April

Tuesday 18 April

Tuesday 16 May

Tuesday 23 May

Tuesday 30 May

Tuesday 27 June

Tuesday 4 July

Tuesday 11 July

Tuesday 25 July

Tuesday 1 August

Tuesday 8 August

Tuesday 12 September

Tuesday 19 September

Tuesday 26 September

Tuesday 31 October

Tuesday 7 November

Tuesday 14 November

Agendas, papers and minutes

Committee agenda, papers and minutes for the current and previous year are available below. Inquiries and requests for historical information can be directed to the Committee Secretary.

2017 Agendas, papers and minutes

Meeting date

Agenda and Papers


14 February

Agenda and Papers (by circulation)


14 March

Agenda and Papers


18 April

Agenda and Papers


30 May

Agenda and Papers


11 July

Agenda and Papers (by circulation)


8 August

Meeting cancelled

Meeting cancelled

26 September

Agenda and Papers (by circulation)


14 November

Agenda and Papers (by circulation)



2016 Agendas, papers and minutes

Meeting date

Agenda and Papers


3 February (Reserve meeting-not called)



9 March

Agenda and Papers


20 April

 Agenda and Papers


8 June

 Agenda and Papers (by Circulation)


20 July

 Agenda and Papers (by Circulation)


24 August

Meeting cancelled


12 October

 Agenda and Papers 


9 November

 Agenda and Papers



Committee Secretary
Dr Matthew Charet
Executive Officer to Academic Board

T +61 2 9114 1356